Fulfilling Extraordinary Needs

In 2016, we placed two young kittens, Lilly and Orchid, in a foster home, where they were loved and nurtured. The youngsters began having critical health issues that required immediate medical attention. Thanks to extraordinary medical funds, the kittens received the best possible care for their progressive disease.

Many dogs and cats arrive at Baypath from situations of neglect or abandonment and some need more complex care. We want to be able to say “yes” to all these cases and, thanks to the newly named Lilly & Orchid Fund for Extraordinary Medical Care, we can.

The Lilly & Orchid Fund honors the two kittens whose short but love-filled lives inspired their foster family to generously donate $10,000 to help other animals in need. “We wanted to bring hope to shelter animals with serious medical needs,” said the foster mom. “We encourage all animal lovers to contribute as well to ensure the dogs and cats like Lilly and Orchid always get the opportunity at a second chance.”

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Extraordinary Success Stories