We are currently using an appointment model to facilitate adoptions. People can fill out a questionnaire via our website after which point we will have a matchmaking discussion to identify a potential fit(s) and set an appointment to have you visit the shelter. 

In the past two years, we have served over 2000 cats and dogs and countless families with our appointment model, which allows for a personal, focused adoption experience for our adopters and animals alike. We would love to help you find your next friend.

As always, we will continue to assess our operation to ensure a positive experience for animals and people alike. Thank you for your patience!

Adoption Process and Fees

Thank you for considering Baypath for adoption. We realize this can be an exciting time, but also a stressful one. Below, we outline our process in hopes of giving you a bit more perspective. 


We do our best to collect both behavior and medical histories on our animals, as well as do our own evaluations and observations. We gather as much information as we can to suggest what we believe to be the ideal situation for each animal. We do this in the interest of the animal’s quality of life as well as to assist our potential adopters. As always, safety is of the utmost importance in our decision making process.


Okay, so you're ready to adopt? How exciting! What now?

Our advice – in the interest of your time and expectations – is to consider our adoption requirements before heading down the questionnaire process:


  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Verify that you are allowed to have a pet of the breed and size where you currently live
  • Verify that everyone in your household is on board for a new pet
  • Verify that the animals in your household are up to date on vaccines, which protects them as much as your new pet
  • Be in a position to spend the time and resources necessary to provide the training, medical treatment and proper care for your new pet
  • For dog adoptions, be prepared to bring the other dogs in the home for a meet

Quick guide on how to get started



Read our available pet biographies to learn about our cats and dogs.

If you have a question about a particular cat or dog – or have questions about the process or general cat and dog behavior and wellness questions – we strongly encourage you to reach out to us at [email protected] We love guiding people through this exciting, yet sometimes overwhelming, process.

Please note: If you submit an inquiry via email, one of our staff members will be in touch within 24-48 hours to answer any of your questions, share information about any cat or dog that interests you, and help you narrow in on some potential fits with your lifestyle.



If you think there is a cat or dog that fits your lifestyle, please fill out our online questionnaire contained on the pet’s bio page to help us better get to know you. You can also indicate in your questionnaire that you are interested in multiple cats or dogs – it doesn’t just have to be for a particular animal.

Please note:  Questionnaire approval is not first-come, first-served; we decide on adopters based on their lifestyle and needs and each animal’s best interest.



Once the questionnaire is received, we will begin to go through it. We may reach out along the way as we speak with any vets, references, landlords and/or have any clarifying questions. Most importantly, we will reach out to set up a time for a matchmaking conversation with you and those in your household. Your efforts to provide information via the questionnaire will ensure a great conversation takes place.

Please note: One of our staff members will be in touch within 24-48 hours with next steps once you submit a questionnaire.



After the matchmaking call, we will regroup, taking into account other potential families and the needs of the animal. We will then contact you as soon as possible with the status of your questionnaire. Once your questionnaire is approved and we all agree that there is a potential fit, we will proceed as described in the next step. If your questionnaire is approved, but we don’t have the right fit just yet, we will continue to work with you to find that fit.



Adoptions are done by appointment in order to ensure that we can give our adopters our full attention – and answer any and all questions – during this exciting time.

Dogs – We are able to facilitate dog meets – with the family and any dogs in the home – onsite once a questionnaire is approved and a potential match is made. The meets are by appointment.

Cats – We are able to facilitate cat meets for cats and kittens who are in-shelter onsite once a questionnaire is approved and a potential match is made. The meets are by appointment.



If you need time to prepare your home for your new dog or cat, we will accept a $100.00 non-refundable deposit with an approved questionnaire. This holds your adoption for 24 hours as it is always in the best interest of the animal to be in a home sooner than later.

Please know that we want to be a resource to you during and after this exciting process. We have tips, handouts, books and more to help you and your new pet with a smooth adjustment period. We can also provide you with a list of supplies you’ll need, as well as preferred vets, trainers, etc.

Adoption is a commitment that is likely to extend more than 10 years. If you have any reservations, please take your time. Think your decision over carefully and discuss it with all family members. If you have any questions, please ask us. We’re here to help!

What Your Dog Adoption Includes

  • Spay or Neuter Surgery
  • Core Vaccines (FVRCP series & Rabies)
  • Heartworm Test
  • Microchip
  • Dewormer
  • Flea & Tick Prevention
  • Heartworm Prevention

Dog Adoption Fees

  • Puppy (6 months and younger): $575
  • Adolescent (7-11 months): $500
  • Adult (1-6 years): $475
  • Senior (7+ years): $375

What Your Cat Adoption Includes

  • Spay or Neuter Surgery
  • Core Vaccines (FVRCP series & Rabies)
  • Feline Leukemia/FIV Test
  • Microchip
  • Dewormer
  • Flea Prevention

Cat Adoption Fees

  • Kitten (6 months and younger): $350 single, $600 pair of kittens
  • Adolescent (7-11 months): $275
  • Adult (1-6 years): $225
  • Senior (7+ years): $175

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