Adult female cats & dogs spayed in 2020


Adult male cats & dogs neutered in 2020


Kittens & puppies spayed & neutered in 2020

Let's Work Together to Reduce Overpopulation

For decades, shelters and rescues have been tackling pet overpopulation primarily caused by pet owners’ failure to spay or neuter their animals. It is well documented that the reduction of population through spay & neuter programs is critical to decreasing euthanasia rates of homeless companion animals.

Baypath is committed to initiatives that increase spay & neuter and reduce the number of abandoned, homeless, and unwanted animals.

Through the Last Litter program, Baypath offers free spay surgery for any female dog or cat whose offspring (puppies or kittens) are surrendered to the shelter for our adoption program. We will work with you to ensure puppies and kittens are weaned and of adoption age (at least 8-10 weeks old). We will then tend to the medical and behavioral needs of the puppies or kittens, including potentially placing them in one of our wonderful foster homes to continue critical socialization. There is no fee for this program.

In addition to preventing the birth of unwanted animals, spaying & neutering also provides important health and behavioral benefits, including a reduction in sexual and territorial behaviors (aggression, urine marking, roaming, etc.) and a reduction in the risk of some diseases (mammary cancers, uterine cancers, etc.)


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