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Thank you for considering Baypath for your pet.

We understand that facing the decision to give up your pet is never easy.

Each year we help over 900 dogs and cats find new, loving homes. Rehoming animals from their current homes is an important part of our mission. Furthermore, we understand that facing the decision to give up your pet is never easy.

While we always encourage families to consider alternatives to surrender, we understand that situations will arise that make it impossible for you to keep your companion. In that case, we’ll do our best to help you rehome your pet.

For more information about training or other solutions for keeping your pet or about surrender in general, please call us at (508) 435-6938 or fill out the contact form below. We will be happy to assist you or refer you to others who can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does rehoming work?

We are committed to finding placement for every healthy and treatable animal in our care. As such a thorough health examination, behavior assessment, and history questionnaire and review will determine if your pet is suited for our adoption program.

Once in the program, we will assess how to best care for the animal in the shelter and set up any necessary plans to address their needs. We may also look to tap into our robust foster network for a potential foster home situation while awaiting adoption.

How is the pet transferred to Baypath?

We are not able to accommodate walk ins. Pets are accepted into our program by appointment after the above steps. This process ensures your pet is best set up for success.

How long does the process take?

There are many variables that determine the pace of the process, but we are committed to working with families to keep the process going and understand that there can often be some urgency.

Is there a fee to rehome a pet?

We do not require a rehoming fee; however, we are grateful for any donation amount to offset the cost of this evaluation and rehoming process. If there are extensive medical or behavioral needs, we will ask to work with you to best help the pet get the care they need.

Possible alternatives to rehoming

Rehoming your pet is a difficult decision, but sometimes situations arise that make it seem like the only choice. Because you love your pet and the bond between a person and a pet is strong, our first solution is to try to find a way to keep your family together.



Check out great tips on pet-friendly housing options – and get some great moving tips too.

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New Baby?

Consider some great tips on successfully integrating your baby into a home with your pet.

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Consult with your doctor, but consider some great tips to try to manage allergens in the home.

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Behavior Concerns?

Consider some behavior and training solutions to try to work with some common behavior issues.

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Need to rehome your pet, but concerned about your pet in a shelter environment?

Ask us about a possible Home to Home option.

While we do our very best to ensure quality of life in our shelter, we understand that it is a different environment than a home – and that some pets may not thrive in that setting.

Through the Home to Home Program, a pet that needs to be surrendered, but who may have behavioral or medical barriers to a successful stay in the kennel, is fostered by their owner until the pet finds a home.

While still in the home, Baypath promotes the pet for adoption, arranges adoption meet and greets, and provides needed supplies, behavioral/training support, and potentially some medical support. When an adopter is found, the pet goes from its former home to its new home without a stay at the shelter. Candidates for this option are selected by Baypath staff following a review of a pet’s history and needs and in consultation with our behavior team.

Note: We may also be able to move your pet into a foster home during this time – still effectively bypassing the shelter environment while we are searching for the right home.


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