Foster a Dog or Puppies in Need

Puppy Fosters

As a puppy foster, you can play a critical role in helping young dogs learn skills during a critical socialization period. Additionally, young puppies are susceptible to infection so it’s better for them to stay out of the busy shelter environment. We also need fster families who can care for puppies in their home and provide them with TLC until we can get them adopted.

Ideal fosters/foster families:

  • We need all types of homes – and those with kids, cats, dogs, or some combination thereof are great so that the puppies can get as much socialization as possible.
  • We needs homes committed to helping puppies have a multitude of all-positive  experiences to best set them up for success!
Baypath Humane two foster puppies

Behavior & Medical Fosters

We need volunteers who can temporarily foster a dog in their home who may be tougher to adopt, due to shyness or behavioral issues. They may need help learning new skills or simply need a calm home where they can decompress until they find a forever home.

We also need foster homes for dogs who need extra care due to an illness or injury.

Our team will arm you with the resources, supplies and support needed to best set your family and the dog up for success!

Staff Support

Our staff is here to support you and provide guidance in helping your foster dogs/puppies thrive. We provide behavior and general wellness support throughout the process. We also cover medical costs through our veterinarian while cats are in foster.

Some aspects of our program include:

  • Program Support from our Foster Coordinator
  • Behavior support from our Director of Training & Behavior
  • Medical support from our Veterinarian partner and staff Certified Vet Tech
  • Food and general supply support