Helping Cats in Need of Alternative Environments

A shy young cat named Heliconia came to us in 2021 from a local rescue partner. She had been trapped outside as an older kitten and then placed in a foster for a few months for socialization. Unfortunately, as is often the case with older kittens/adolescent cats that have been trapped, she had been outside for too long to ultimately be able to thrive in a traditional home environment/’companion pet’ situation. At the same time, she was a sweet cat who still needed a bit of structure and care. Enter our Barn Cat Program.

This program is designed to find homes for cats who aren’t candidates for placement via our traditional adoption procedures. These decisions are made after a thorough assessment process by our experienced staff who understand that barn cat candidates can range from feral to friendly, that these are cats that would best thrive in an outside environment and that, in these cases, giving these cats a happy, stress-free life living in it’s natural environment is best. To that end, out knowledgable staff will work with you to determine if there is a match and help you through the adjustment period to set everyone up for success.

Circling back to Heliconia – We knew she was not aggressive, but rather shy, of people. We also knew that she that she loved other cats and derived both pleasure and confidence from their companionship. Luckily, we had a wonderful family willing to give her just the right environment to thrive – a beautiful barn, heated beds and a cuddle-buddy brother (pictured below)!

As an organization dedicated to animal welfare and fighting pet overpopulation, all barn cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated prior to adoption. Barn cat adoption fees are waived, for a donation.

If you have a safe, warm barn or barn-like structure and would like to adopt a barn cat, please fill out the inquiry below to learn more.

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