Partners in Rescue

Too often, dogs and cats in shelters are at risk of euthanasia simply due to shelter overcrowding and a lack of resources. To help prevent this – and to stem the tide of pet overpopulation in the southern United States – Baypath transports cats and dogs up from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Indiana, and West Virginia.

We have longstanding partnerships with great groups on the ground in these communities, and their advocacy and ours help bring these animals north to our shelter so that we can fulfill our mission of matching so many loving families with these great animals in need.

We’re so honored to have the unique privilege to take in and care for so many wonderful cats and dogs that may otherwise not have a chance.


Our Commitment to the Program

Our Animal Transport Program is more than just transport – it’s truly a partnership. We provide behavior support, supplies, and cover the cost of transport. And while our trusted sending organizations do so much of the work on their end, the efforts continue on our end once these cats and dogs arrive.

  • Evaluation

    Many cats and dogs arrive at the shelter in a high state of stress. Baypath’s goal is to understand each animal’s situation and needs, and to develop a targeted plan that will help the animal thrive. For example, some dogs may crave a calm environment while others may have lots of energy and need plenty of fun activities to keep them engaged.

  • Medical

    Each cat and dog who arrive at Baypath are given a thorough medical assessment by our consulting veterinarian and are continuously monitored by our staff Certified Vet Tech. Baypath maintains policies on disease, vaccination and general medical and we work on a weekly basis to ensure the health and well-being of all animals, both in-shelter and in foster homes.

  • Enrichment

    Our team creates a mentally stimulating environment, which has been scientifically proven to improve the physical and mental well-being of shelter animals. For instance, dogs are provided with miles of trails to explore, and cats with a screened-in, outdoor space so they can bask in the sun and enjoy some fresh air. The volunteers ensure that the animals get plenty of daily exercise and playtime.

  • Training & Behavior

    Each animal is given a safe space, and, together with our behavior & training partners, set up with customized strategies for exercise, training, and socialization for the staff and volunteers to follow to help each animal stay happy and healthy. At Baypath, there is a strong belief in positive reinforcement, which essentially means using rewards like praise and treats to reinforce desirable behaviors.

  • Matchmaking

    Each shelter staff member is a hands-on animal care provider and assists adopters throughout the process. Although an application is part of the process, the most important part is having a conversation to hear about an adopter’s lifestyle, expectations, questions, and concerns. This helps immensely with ensuring the best match for the adopter and cat or dog.



Number of cats & dogs helped by our transport program in 2023


Number of rescue partners in our transport program in 2023

Our Animal Transport Partners

Baypath is so grateful to our dedicated animal transport partners. They do a wonderful job understanding our needs and requirements and matching us with cats and dogs who will work best in our program. They do a thorough job assessing them behaviorally and medically and ultimately traveling hundreds of miles to get them their shot at a forever home.

Featured Partner: Iron Paws

We began working with this Texas-based transporter in 2021. They work with several great shelters and rescue groups in Texas to bring dogs from their more overpopulated region up to the Northeast where they often have a better chance at getting adopted.

We have worked with Iron Paws on dozens of transports to date and are so grateful for their partnership.

See the recent success story of Birdie – a good samaritan rescue transported up by Iron Paws!



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