Youth Action Guide

Welcome, young animal advocates! Although in-shelter volunteering is limited to individuals 18 and older, there are numerous exciting opportunities for you to support the animals eagerly awaiting their forever homes. Your contributions can significantly impact their lives.

Here are some fun ideas to get you started.

Organize Collection Drives

Coordinate with your community groups such as your church, temple, or scout troop to host collection drives using our printable wishlists. Engage with local businesses to see if they would be willing to support your cause or host a donation bin.

Have a birthday coming up? Host an animal themed party, and collect wishlist items for adoptable dogs and cats!

Fundraising & Bake Sales

Have a dog biscuit and cat cookie bake sale, and donate the proceeds to the animals at Baypath.

Design Adoption Posters

Express your artistic talents in support of adoptable animals! Kids can create eye-catching “Adopt Me” posters featuring adoptable animals. These posters can be displayed at community centers, local businesses, their own schools, shared on social media, or even turned into greeting cards to raise funds for the shelter animals!

Share Adoptable Animal Stories

Engage in creative writing to help promote adoptable animals, such as poems and short stories.

Be the Animal Advocate Hub

Raise awareness and create educational materials about topics including:

Do you have a youth group looking to learn more about animal care and animal welfare?

Our Community Liaison, Michelle Kreell, engages with our young animal lovers to host educational and interactive opportunities via our Baypath Educates Program. From topics like introduction to animal sheltering to safe animal handling, our program aims to cultivate interest and passion for animals amongst our youth.

Learn more about our Baypath Educates Program.