Community First

Baypath would not be able to fulfill it’s mission without the support of our community – from financial support, to adoption, to surrender, to volunteers, to the community’s general advocacy and awareness – so it’s critical that we get out and connect with people. Our Outreach Coordinator and Outreach Program does just that in a variety of ways, always promoting positive communication of Baypath’s vision, mission, and programs.

Our Outreach Program at Work

More on our Outreach Program

  • Volunteer Engagement

    Our Outreach Coordinator works with the more than 30 outreach volunteers and matches them to fun opportunities where they can to talk about the organization’s mission and make an impact on their community.

  • Community Involvement

    Our Outreach team attends a wide variety of community events throughout the year, including farmer’s markets, animal-related events, ‘town’ celebrations, Family Days, wellness fairs, and more. Our team is well-poised to answer questions about programs, services, and resources as well as provide helpful suggestions about pet care.

  • Community Resource

    Our Outreach Coordinator also assists those in our community by collaborating with various agencies and partners to find the best possible solutions for people and their pets.

  • Corporate Engagement

    Our Outreach team engages local businesses in corporate volunteer activities, giving us another way to introduce local businesses and their employees to the mission.

  • Facilitating Philanthropic Efforts

    Our Outreach Coordinator fields countless inquiries from our supporters about how they can give back to the organization. Our coordinator works with them to identify needs at the shelter as well as acknowledge their tremendous impact.

Outreach Events

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