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We need your help!

Volunteers are the heart of our organization and essential to our work. Each year our volunteers give a collective 10,000+ hours both in-shelter and out-of-shelter. Our staff and volunteers partner together to form a vital team that’s essential to carrying out our mission to promote the health, care, and adoption of these animals. There are many important roles that you can fill to help animals in need. For safety’s sake, all volunteers need to be 18 or older.

Our in-shelter volunteer opportunities are currently full. Please take a look at our other opportunities below – and keep an eye on the site as our needs are constantly changing!
We can always use help with some of the not-so-exciting-but-absolutely-essential things like scanning, copying, spreadsheet creation, etc. *These roles are currently filled. Please check back!
Cleaning/organizing opportunities that ultimately enrich the shelter experience for humans and animals alike. *These roles are currently filled. Please check back!
Direct animal care
We have many hands on in-shelter opportunities to work with the cats and dogs. *These roles are currently filled. Please check back!
Fostering animals
Fostering is a wonderful way to make an impact and ultimately improve the likelihood of successful outcomes for so many animals.
Signature Events
Our Signature Events throughout the year are critical fundraisers for the animals. Consider helping out on the committees or with day-of activities to help ensure these events are a success.
Outreach events
Constantly increasing awareness of our role as a community resource is imperative. This is a fun way to get the word out via town events, farmers events, animal events, etc.
Photography & Videography
Consider lending your skills to best showcase our animals in need. We share your creations via our multiple social media channels to spread the word far and wide. *These roles are currently filled. Please check back!
Group opportunities
We have many groups and businesses join us for shelter beautification or special projects.
Social media/marketing
Social media and media communications are absolutely essential to our mission. We are always looking for creative ways to get the word out and increase awareness. *These roles are currently filled. Please check back!
Animal Transport
A great opportunity for those who may not be in a position to commit to a regular volunteer schedule. You can participate with transportation as much or as little as you want.
We have multiple systems that make the whole operation work. We are always in need of people who can help us ensure we are efficient and effective in this realm. *These roles are currently filled. Please check back!
VCA spay & neuter clinic assistants
This hands-on monthly clinic is a great opportunity for anyone with a veterinary-related background or anyone looking to pursue one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A comprehensive orientation focused on safe animal handling.
  • A cat/dog mentor program with fellow volunteers.
  • Additional training opportunities on topics such as clicker training (for dogs and even cats!) or helping fearful dogs.
  • Books and articles on animal sheltering developments.
  • Social media engagement to recognize volunteers and share successes.
  • Confidential volunteer surveys.
  • A bi-weekly newsletter.
  • Volunteer appreciation events.

To provide consistency for the handling of our dogs and cats, we require a commitment of two hours per week for at least six months. Volunteer shifts are scheduled from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in two-hour increments. Volunteers work every day of the year, in all weather conditions. Please understand this is an expectation of your commitment.

It depends on the role. Please review the various roles about. Each one indicates how to learn more information or apply.

Prior dog or cat experience is not required to volunteer, but it is beneficial. Please see our essential capabilities document for more information.

Our volunteer opportunities require moderate physical exercise, so please be sure you understand and are comfortable with the physical aspects of the role in which you are interested. Please see our essential capabilities document for more information.



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