Animal Transport Program

Part of fulfilling our mission includes partnering with our southern rescue partners to help them try to stem the tide of overpopulation in shelters – and unnecessary euthanasia – and get these great animals a second chance.

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Barn Cat Program

Sometimes we find we have cats who through no fault of their own are not really cut out to be companions in your home; but rather would thrive in an outdoor barn setting. Our Barn Cat Program matches these cats with the appropriate situation.

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Baypath Educates

In 2019, we launched another exciting initiative – Baypath Educates – largely geared at engaging our animal-loving youth, but also welcomes any other group or civic organization endeavoring to learn more about animal care and animal welfare. 

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Humane Lecture Series

In 2017, we launched our Humane Lecture Series in recognition of the desire of our constituency within Baypath, as well as that of the larger community, for more opportunities to learn more about animal care and animal welfare.

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Last Litter Program

Making a positive impact on pet overpopulation is key to our mission at Baypath. In addition to ensuring all animals that come into our care are spayed and neutered, we also work with people in the community whose animals have had litters to get the ‘moms’ spayed, as well as the litter.

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Outreach Program

Connecting with and serving our wonderful community takes many forms. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful people looking to support our organization through supply drives, volunteering, and more. We also have animal-lovers who look to us to provide information and resources. Our Outreach Program works to engage everyone in our community. 

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Rehoming Program

We recognize that giving up a pet is an incredibly difficult thing for families, but sometimes it’s the right option. We have a robust program designed to assess the history and needs of the animal to determine if we can set them up for success within our program.

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Shadow Cat Program

Our Shadow Cat Program works to place extremely shy – but kindhearted – cats in unique environments where they have the structure and safety of a home, but have the space and freedom to choose how they want to interact with the world.

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