Foster Highlight: Sue Tourtellot

We appreciate our fosters and have asked them to share their stories.

Foster: Sue Tourtellot

How long have you been fostering? 

August 2021

Was there something specific that made you want to foster?

The kids and I loved the thought of helping these puppies have a home and feel loved.

What impact has fostering had on your life? 

We feel like we have accomplished something and it is a good feeling. Also with one of our fosters Moose (seen in photo on the left) he ended up getting adopted by my brother and his family!

Do you have a funny or special story or a special foster to share?

We took extended care of a puppy that came to Baypath with ringworm. We had him for months, fell in love with him and so did my brother and his family! In the end he was adopted by my brother and we get to see him and I think he truly remembers us!

Is there anything else you would like to add or include? 

Fostering is very special and we loved it!!