Foster Highlight: Elizabeth Cassidy

We appreciate our fosters and have asked them to share their stories.


How long have you been fostering? 

July 2021

Was there something specific that made you want to foster?

I see a lot of people around me who buy animals from breeders, and I can’t help but imagine all the perfectly wonderful animals sitting in shelters when they can be in these loving homes.

What impact has fostering had on your life? 

It has brought me and my family so much joy. It is a win-win-win for us all.

Do you have a funny or special story or a special foster to share?

Hayes (seen in the photo on the left) was one of our most recent fosters. There’s no way I could pick a favorite foster cat, there have been so many wonderful personalities that have passed through here. But Hayes is the first cat I’ve had that actually sought out my children to hang out with them. He was not deterred by them at all (their quick movements, their loudness, being picked up, etc) I was happy to know he went to a home with children and the update I received was that he adores the kids he lives with! Although it can sometimes be hard for my kids to say goodbye to these beings we get to know so well, I remind them of a line from The Cider House Rules. In the book Dr. Larch runs an orphanage and reads to the children every night. And whenever one of the kids is adopted and leaves, he would finish reading and announce, “Let us be happy for (Hayes), Hayes has found a family. Goodnight, Hayes.” And the children say together, “Goodnight, Hayes.”

Is there anything else you would like to add or include? 

My favorite part about fostering is watching the unfolding of a cat’s personality. Of course when they first come to us they are scared and unsure. Given just a little time and a lot of love, you will see different characteristics emerge. And even though cats are known to sometimes be aloof, every single cat I’ve had seeks out a human in the house to hang with, to see what they’re doing, to snuggle with…to not be alone. These cats enjoy us as much as we enjoy them.

A girl holding up Hayes-a black cat
Elizabeth’s daugthr, Bea, holding Hayes one of the dozens of foster cats they have cared for.