Foster Highlight: Amy Frederick

We appreciate our fosters and have asked them to share their stories.

Foster: Amy Frederick

How long have you been fostering? 

My husband and I adopted our first dog from Baypath in 1999, a boxer named Giggs. He was awesome! We wanted to find him a buddy so I started fostering for a few animal rescues way back then. The people of Baypath are absolutely wonderful, a true gift to animals in need. They are patient, understanding, knowledgable and kind…all necessary traits for dealing with dogs and people! Friends and neighbors always ask me, “How can you foster? That must be so hard.” I say that it’s the least I can do, compared to what Baypath staff do all do day in and day out.

Was there something specific that made you want to foster?

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What impact has fostering had on your life? 

Fostering has helped my family develop resilience and to value selflessness. Obviously, no one enjoys the extra effort that comes along with caring for an additional dog. Moreover, no one enjoys developing a relationship with a dog only to ultimately say goodbye. Our crazy lives would be easier if we did not foster; however, doing what makes our lives easier is not helpful to the dog that needs a loving home nor to the family that needs a loving dog. Helping the two come together makes the challenges seem like light-lifting and why we do it again and again!

Do you have a funny or special story or a special foster to share?

I received a “Foster Failure” trophy when I first started out…I kept keeping the dogs!

Is there anything else you would like to add or include? 
Baypath Alumni Zoie, a large tan hound dog lying with foster mom Amy Frederick
Amy Frederick with Zoie one of her many fosters.