Foster Highlight: Wendy Jones

We appreciate our fosters and have asked them to share their stories.

Foster: Wendy Jones

How long have you been fostering?

Since 2016.

Was there something specific that made you want to foster?

Had an almost empty nest full of rooms so why not fill them with cuteness and help out too?

What impact has fostering had on your life? 

It’s a great feeling to nurse cats to health, teach them to trust, see them grow strong and then send them off to happy new homes knowing you’ve made a difference (and gotten some free cuddles and purrs while you were at it 😀

Do you have a funny or special story or a special foster to share?
Photo of Confetti - foster cat that Wendy kept

I’ve welcomed many many cats to my home and would have loved to keep all of them, but I promised myself I would not foster fail (thereby leaving myself with less room for new fosters). I did well until we got a “pregnant” girl named Confetti (seen in both photos on this pge) who we kept for many weeks until finally realizing she was not pregnant at all, just a little chubby. When it was time to send her back to the shelter for adoption, my adult son protested. He and Confetti had formed a special bond and he could not part with her. They are best buddies still and lucky to have each other… which I often have to remind her when she loses access to one of the spare bedrooms because it’s full of fosters.