Foster Highlight: Margot Lee

We appreciate our fosters and have asked them to share their stories.

Foster: Margot Lee 

How long have you been fostering? 

May 2022

Was there something specific that made you want to foster?

I was looking for volunteer opportunities with local shelters when I saw a friend, Michelle Kreel – Baypath Humane Community Liason, fostering an entire litter of puppies for Baypath.

What impact has fostering had on your life? 

I just thought fostering would be a way to make a positive impact on animals in need and help the shelter, but I feel like I’ve gotten so much in return. More than I ever knew possible. They have made my dog, Bear so happy to have friends to play with and filled our home with so much love during their stays.

Do you have a funny or special story or a special foster to share?

All my fosters are so special. What’s been especially funny though, is seeing how they copy my dog Bear. They follow him in the yard, sniff whatever he sniffs, go potty when they see him go, and when I call for him to come inside they come running with him. I joke that his job as a foster brother is to teach puppies how to do dog things and be a good influence.

Is there anything else you would like to add or include?