Tariana Nguyen

Tariana Nguyen holding a small black and white dog

Driven by a lifelong commitment to animal welfare, Tariana has dedicated her career to serving vulnerable populations within the nonprofit sector. Working with organizations that create real and lasting change, she dreams of a world where no animal suffers. Tariana is honored to be on the Baypath Board of Directors.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Tariana dedicates all of her free time to volunteering with nonprofits, driven by a desire to serve others and make a difference in communities around the world. Most notably, she has volunteered to build schools in the Bahamas and Mexico.

When not advocating for animals or championing impactful change, Tariana finds solace in quiet moments with a steaming mug of coffee (extra caramel, please!) and a captivating novel. In July 2023, she said goodbye to her beloved first dog, Ava, whose absence lingers yet fuels her unwavering commitment to animal welfare. Everything Tariana does for animals is a tribute to Ava, a pink-loving, buttered-toast-adoring, fly-hating snuggle buddy who demanded (and received) endless belly rubs.

Team Information

 Board Member
 Joined us: 2023