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Over the last 45 years Baypath has become a necessary fixture in the community, changing the course of the lives of countless cats and dogs. The commitment made by Baypath’s founders all those years ago has deepened and expanded beyond what they ever thought possible. Caring for, healing, and homing animals who arrive in every type of condition has always been Baypath’s priority. Along the way we have become educators of our community, partners with animal-control and police officers, and a resource for concerned pet-owners.

One of the best ways you can help us continue in this important role is to join “Baypath’s PAWS”, where your gift will renew m

Baypath-humane-alumni-David-Kwong with his dog sitting on a rock

onthly and provide our cats and dogs with necessary and reliable resources. 

Baypath’s monthly donors become part of Baypath’s PAWS – one of the family, looking after each other, assuring survival, and positioning to thrive. The reliable giving of PAWS allows us to consistently say, “yes, we can help” to our animal control and law enforcement partners, to those needing to surrender their animals, and to stray, lost, unwanted, and abandoned cats and dogs. With so many relying on us, it would be truly meaningful if we could rely on monthly donors.

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