2023/04/17 10:50:44

Matthew Mainstruck running the 2023 Boston Marathon!


I’m really excited to announce that I will be running the Boston Marathon this year in support of the Baypath Humane Society!

The Baypath Humane Society is dedicated to providing shelter, care, humane treatment, and loving homes for stray or unwanted companion animals.  Baypath is located in Hopkinton, MA and has an unbelievable adoption and foster program helping hundreds of animals each year find their forever homes.  Last year alone, Baypath supported 400 dog adoptions, 619 cat adoptions and placed 417 dogs and cats in foster homes.  These are unbelievable stats for this small but mighty organization!  I’m continually in awe of the amazing staff and volunteers who everyday put the interest of these animals over their own.

The Boston Marathon has been a ‘bucket list’ item for me ever since I came to Boston back in 1995.  I had never been a serious runner, but seeing the sense of accomplishment on the faces of the finishers really motivated me to get out there and start running.  To be brutally honest, my ‘running journey’ has been a love/hate relationship over the years…with some years being more committed than others.  These last few years have definitely been on the non-committed side of things as other life commitments have taken up my time…but this opportunity to support this great organization has really motivated me to get back at it.

I know many of you give to many different organizations each year…so I appreciate anything you can give to sponsor my run and to support this amazing organization.

Thank you!