2024/04/15 10:50:44

Jen English is running the 2024 Boston Marathon!


I am so excited to run the 2024 Boston Marathon for Baypath Humane Society (www.baypathhumane.org), a nonprofit animal shelter based in Hopkinton, MA, because the shelter rescued and connected me with my best friend, Obi.

At the height of the pandemic, in early 2021, I had managed the transition from working in a busy office to the solitude of working at home. But something was missing. My coworker at the time, Sandra Gittlen, volunteered for Baypath and began to send me pictures of dogs available at the shelter to find a good match. Well before the pandemic, I had mentioned to her that my sister and I wanted to adopt a dog. In 2021, that time arrived.

Obi, previously named Sadie at the shelter, was a senior pup who had experienced major upheaval. She was surrendered by her owners in South Carolina and brought to Baypath in Massachusetts. My sister and I went to the shelter on a bitter cold day in February and met Obi in the back pen. Her little snorts made us giggle and we agreed. We knew she was perfect for us.

Over the years, Obi and I forged a bond I can’t even begin to describe. Her love, trust, and delightful stubbornness have made me laugh and smile countless times. She and I supported each other through some difficult times with snuggles, conversations (she loves to “awoo”), and outdoor adventures. Seeing her transform from a shy, scared rescue dog to the kind of dog who tries to get pats from every person she meets has been so special to experience. She knows which stores she can visit for treats, and she’s on a first-name basis with employees along our walking routes. My coworkers love to see her sleepy face, wagging tail, or perky ears behind me during video calls.

For years, Sandy, who ran the Boston Marathon multiple times for Baypath – and knew I was an avid runner myself – joked that she would get me to do it as well, especially now that I had adopted Obi. Well, it turns out Sandy is really good at convincing me to do things!

In April 2024, I’ll be running the Boston Marathon to raise money for Baypath, an organization that has not only changed my life and Obi’s life, but has helped so many other animals in need. I am thrilled to be part of a historic marathon that holds so much meaning, making it even more special to me.

Please consider donating to Baypath and helping me reach our goal of $10,000. Need some convincing? Just try to say no to Obi’s face…

Thank you!

Jen & Obi