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Learn how to help stray cats in the area. 

We often receive calls from people aren’t sure what to do when they see a cat outdoors. Please don’t wait until wintertime to try to help. Left outdoors, cats are in danger from predators such as coyotes and foxes, and are much more susceptible to disease.

If you find kittens living outdoors or a cat who looks thin or ill, please notify your local animal control officer and contact us right away.

If the cat looks healthy, it’s possible they have an owner. In that case:

• Post a photo and description of the cat at Massachusetts Lost Pets and other Facebook groups in your area.

• If the cat seems friendly, consider bringing him or her to a local vet or shelter so he/she can be scanned for a microchip to help locate the owner.

• Talk to your neighbors or post flyers in your neighborhood.

• Try putting a paper collar on the cat saying if this is your cat to contact you.

If you see a cat stuck in a tree and it can’t get down, contact your local police.