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Having your pet go missing can be incredibly stressful but there are many resources to help you get your pet safely home. 

Lost & found pet resources

We encourage you to follow these guidelines from the Massachusetts Lost Pet Network to help locate your missing pet.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Whether you are reporting a lost pet or a found pet
  • Exact location where the pet was lost or found
  • Date when the pet was lost or found
  • Breed of pet
  • The type and ID number of an implanted recovery microchip, if applicable
  • Name of the pet, if known
  • Description and distinguishing marks
  • A few photos showing different aspects of the pet, if possible
  • Your contact information

More tips on finding a lost pet:

  • Put a piece of clothing that you’ve worn and/or their bedding outside. The smell can help attract your lost pet back home. 
  • Call vet offices and shelters in your town and surrounding towns. Some dogs and cats will roam far! 
  • Ask your local animal control officer to put out a SABER alert. It's an alert system that’s similar for dogs, similar to the AMBER alert system for missing children.
  • Encourage people not to chase your dog if they see him or her, but to either contact you immediately or crouch down and calmly toss treats to lure him/her close to them. And try to avoid eye contact since that can be frightening.
  • Spread the word online. Post your dog's photo on sites like Facebook and your local Patch and encourage people to spread the word.
  • You can also buy lost pet postcards at sites like Lost Pet Cards.
  • Find more tips on locating your lost pet.