Severely abused TX puppy found with broken legs

Reba came to us in December 2021 as an 8-month-old puppy from Texas after they found her with both of her hind legs purposefully broken. We applaud our southern partner for taking her in and performing a difficult surgery to place plates in both her back legs – a very difficult surgery for a young, growing dog because of her growth plates.

We wanted to consult with an orthopedic surgeon to understand what long-term issues that Reba and her adopter may face in the near and distant future. The orthopedic surgeon noted some possible issues with muscle atrophy and other structural problems with the mpl and ccl as well as progressive arthritis.

We were happy to get the latest update from the kind adopter that Reba has a great attitude, appetite, and activity level.

If you would like to directly support the animals in need of specialized medical care, please visit our Lilly & Orchid Extraordinary Medical Fund site:

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