Injured Momma Cat and her kittens healed back to health

Meredith wasn’t even quite an adult herself when she was found by a kind person that brought her to us in July 2021 along with her four kittens.  Meredith was in rough shape with a large wound/bite on her abdomen and she needed to be taken to Tufts for surgery. As per Massachusetts regulations we needed to keep her for observations for four months.

With Meredith being at the shelter for all that time, the staff and volunteers did a fantastic job keeping her entertained with puzzle toys, climbing structures, tunnels, toys, and snuggle time. We are happy to report that momma has recovered, and along with her kittens, have all found their forever homes.

If you would like to directly support the animals in need of specialized medical care, please visit our Lilly & Orchid Extraordinary Medical Fund site:

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