Extraordinary Fund helps Mumble

Mumble came to us in October 2021 as an owner surrender along with his soul mate Lola. They quickly become favorites of the staff and volunteers. While they were with us we had both of them neutered and/or spayed. While mumble was getting neutered, we also took the opportunity to extract some broken teeth and a perform a full dental. Shortly after Mumble’s neuter, he injured his toe and needed to be treated for that as well. They spent a longer than usual time with us because we wanted to find a home that they could live in together and we are happy to say that they are together! 💕 Thanks to all our supporters, staff and volunteers we kept both of these dogs happy with field trips, woods walks lots of enrichment and even a “wedding” to profess their love to one another!

If you would like to directly support the animals in need of specialized medical care, please visit our Lilly & Orchid Extraordinary Medical Fund site:

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