Catsanova may have a sick heart, but is still full of love

This handsome boy, appropriately named Catsanova, came to us as an unwanted stray in December 2021.  As we do for all incoming animals, we have them examined by a vet to get any needed vaccinations and to understand any potential health issues. It is then we found out after a scheduled echocardiogram that this sweet, cuddly, shy guy had severe heart disease along with battling an upper respiratory infection.

He will need periodic echocardiograms for the remainder of his life as his heart disease needs to be closely monitored and may get progressively worse. We are happy to report that he has found a loving home and because of the medical fund we were able to help him get off to a good start on his health condition.

If you would like to directly support the animals in need of specialized medical care, please visit our Lilly & Orchid Extraordinary Medical Fund site:

Lilly & Orchid Fund