Orphaned senior arrives needing medical and much love and finding both her in MA

Socks, a sweet senior, came to us in December 2021 from Texas after losing both his owner and his doggy sister.  As if that wasn’t enough misfortune, he also arrived with chronic ear infections and now needs a TECA, a delicate procedure to remove the ear canal and middle ear. This costly surgery will reduce the chronic pain he is suffering and give him an improved quality of life. We are thankful for the availability of the medical fund so that we can give this senior some relief from his chronic pain. 


He is such a trooper! When he arrived he was quite shut down, but with time, patience and love he has came out of his shell and now is truly living his best life with a wonderful family that cares for elderly dogs. 

If you would like to directly support the animals in need of specialized medical care, please visit our Lilly & Orchid Extraordinary Medical Fund site:

Lilly & Orchid Fund