Foster a Cat or Kittens in Need

Kitten Foster

As a kitten foster, you can play a critical role in saving the lives of mother cats, their kittens, and orphaned kittens. Young kittens are vulnerable to infections, making a busy shelter environment unsafe for them. We need dedicated volunteers who can provide these little ones with the love and care they need in a safe home environment until they’re old enough to be adopted.

Ideal Foster Families

We welcome foster families of all types, whether you have kids, cats, dogs, or any combination thereof! Providing kittens with socialization in diverse environments helps them thrive and prepares them for adoption.

  • Families with children or pets offer kittens varied and positive interactions, crucial for their social development.
  • We’re looking for homes committed to giving kittens a variety of positive experiences to set them up for success

Socialization Foster

Some cats and kittens need extra help overcoming shyness, fear, or difficulty adjusting to shelter life. By providing a temporary home, you can help improve their physical and mental well-being, boosting their chances of finding a loving forever home.

We will help guide you in the various ways to afford these cats all-positive experiences – from reading to them and playing relaxing music to providing interactive play sessions to help them reduce stress and gain confidence.


Fostering Support

Our staff is here to provide guidance and help your foster cats/kittens thrive. We offer behavior and wellness support throughout the process and cover medical costs through our veterinary partner while cats are in foster care.

  • Program Support: Our Foster Coordinator is your main point of contact, providing comprehensive support throughout the fostering journey.
  • Behavioral Guidance: Get assistance from our Cat Programs Coordinator and our Cat Behaviorist partner to help your fosters overcome behavioral challenges.
  • Medical: Our Veterinarian partner and Certified Vet Tech staff offer medical assistance, ensuring your fosters stay healthy and happy.
  • Food & General Supplies: We’ll help you with food and general supplies