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Foster Mom Helps Tiny Dog Gain Confidence

The animal control officer in Halifax reached out to Baypath to help a Pomeranian who was so fearful that he was difficult to handle. He also had a loud and often incessant bark. Like many small dogs with fear issues, he barked to keep unknown people away. These behaviors could make it tougher to find him a home. In addition to his behavioral issues, he had medical issues that were causing him discomfort.

The first step was getting Rocky veterinary care to address his medical needs. We were then fortunate that one of our most experienced foster moms stepped up to care for him in her home.

His foster mom gave him a safe haven where he could decompress and start to associate people with good things. Once he become comfortable with her, she carefully introduced him to a few select people who calmly entered the space in a way that helped him become comfortable. (The cheese treats they brought helped too!) Through positive reinforcement, she also helped Rocky understand that being quiet could be its own reward!

Rocky made tremendous progress and we reached out through our social media network to find him a family who had the patience and understanding to help him acclimate to a new home. Anne and Chris saw Rocky online and reached out to see if they could adopt him. After meeting with his foster mom to learn about Rocky’s fears, they welcomed the chance to help this little guy. Baypath provided in-home training consultation and ongoing support to help set Rocky up for success. Anne and Chris gave Rocky a loving, nurturing home where he could thrive.

We’re so happy to share that he has become a wonderful addition to their family! Anne and Chris shared that “We’ve had this little bundle of joy for just about seven months. He has come so far in every respect! He loves his new home and is quite engaging.

Rocky now loves to meet people out in his neighborhood, including his neighbor friend ‘Johnny Biscuits’ everyday to get his daily treat. We are really enjoying the little guy and are grateful to have him!”