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Foster Family Helps Dog Recovering from Heartworm

foster dog DiamondOur foster families help out dogs and cats who need a home to live in until they find their forever home. In Diamond’s case, she needed a quiet place to live while she received heartworm treatment.            

Baypath volunteer Michelle K., her husband John, and their 11-year-old son Sam welcomed Diamond into their home and gave her the care she needed to get well and become a wonderful pet. Treating heartworm can be a challenge, since the dog must be kept calm during the lengthy treatment process. That’s not easy to do with a young, energetic dog like Diamond.

To help keep Diamond calm, Michelle provided lots of positive training. “It was a great way to keep Diamond happy and keep her mind occupied,” Michelle explained. “She learned to sit, stay, crawl, give high fives, touchdown, and more. She’d even sit and wait for her food with other dogs in the room.”

foster dog volunteer Baypath Humane SocietyThis amazing foster family’s kindness and dedication paid off. Diamond recovered from heartworm, and was soon adopted by a friend of Michelle’s. Sweet Diamond now has a big backyard to run in, and a family who adores her.

“Fostering enriches my life immensely. I can see right in front of me what the work does. And when your foster dog finds a loving home, it’s incredible!” - Michelle

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