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Our foster parents help save lives and give a dog or cat the greatest chance of success at finding a happy, forever home.

Foster an animal in need

Dog fostering

Volunteers who foster dogs are helping to save a life. You are freeing up space in the shelter for us to save another animal -- and giving a dog the extra help they need to cope until they find their forever home.

Even in the best of circumstances, shelter life is stressful for dogs. Some dogs cope with this better than others. For those who don't or who may take longer to find a home, we place them in temporary foster homes so they have a place they feel safe and comfortable until they find their permanent home. As a foster, you can provide a dog with the comforts of home and a place where they can thrive until they find their forever home.

We also need foster homes for dogs who are recovering from an illness or injury, or who need some extra help learning a new skill, such as leash walking or house training. Join our foster family.

Kitten fostering

Young kittens are susceptible to infection and it's not safe for them to stay in a busy shelter environment. We need volunteers who can care for kittens in their home and provide them TLC until the kittens are old enough to be adopted. As a kitten volunteer, you can play a critical role in saving lives of mother cats and their kittens as well as orphaned kittens. Join our foster family.

Hear from one of our foster families!