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At Baypath, we do our best to collect both behavior and medical histories on our animals, as well as do our own evaluations and observations. We gather as much information as we can to suggest what we believe to be the ideal situation for each animal. We do this in the interest of the animal's quality of life as well as to assist our potential adopters. As always, safety is of the utmost importance in our decision making process.

We are always more than happy to discuss our animals with you and highly encourage you to call or email the shelter at info@baypathhumane.org if you have any questions or want more information regarding any of our animals.

All available animals (16)

6 month old male domestic shorthair / mix in foster
Bear is currently in a foster home, please email nbaltas@baypathhumane.org for more info about his adoption process! Bear is a shy, bobtail kitty who is making great strides in his foster home. Doesn't he have those "adopt me" eyes? He's described as a curious little fellow who likes to explore the room and peruse the different toys available to him. His favorite is a wand toy with a stuffed mouse at the end - the two are a package deal! Bear is looking for a patient, adult home that already has another friendly cat companion to help him feel more comfortable. He loves to play and enjoys being pet once he bonds to you. He is perfectly content to lounge next to you and share some quiet time, maybe even binge watch some Netflix! He is not a fan of being picked up. If you think your home is right for Bear, please email nbaltas@baypathhumane.org!
1 year 6 month old male mixed
Altuve, named after the Houston Astros player, recently made the trek up to Red Sox territory from Texas and is ready for action (even amidst the controversy)! This little firecracker is confident and full of energy. Because of his feisty nature, we're recommending he go to an active home with kids 13 and older. He loves to play fetch and chase after squeaky toys. Altuve may do well with another dog pending a proper introduction; he's been known to get down with those three times his size! Are you ready to take on this boisterous personality wrapped up in a small package? He's looking forward to introducing himself!
4 year old female mix in foster
Meet cute and spunky Cornbread! She loves to retrieve and play with her toys. They make her so happy! Do you like to cuddle, so does she. She loves being outside and going for walks. She hopes you do too. She is crate trained and doing very well with her house training. Cornbread will do best in a home with older teens/adults with some dog experience. Her new family will need to be patient with her as she takes a little time to trust and get used to new people. She prefers a quiet home without a lot of visitors. She would like to be the only dog (and will bark at them while out on walks) and she is not a fan of cats. Cornbread is chilling in a foster home so please email foster@baypathhumane.org for more information.
6 month old female domestic shorthair / mix
** Runts has special medical needs, please call the shelter for more information, 508-435-6938 ** Runts is an absolute doll ready to find her forever home. Her foster says she loves to be with her people and adores being the center of attention. She is a high energy bundle of joy that would do great alongside another cat in the home to help her expel all that energy! With patience, we think she'd do fine in a home with young children. When she first meets you she may play coy, but it won't take you long to win her affection - a few chin scratches and ear rubs and you'll be forever hers! Runts is expecting your visit - she hopes to see you soon!
3 year old male in foster
Winchester, or Winnie as his friends call him, is one lovable dog. He's a great mix of fun and low key. He loves riding in the car and hanging out with his people. While he doesn't need to go for that long hike, he's certainly up for it if you are. He's house-trained and has good house manners. Winnie would do best in a quiet neighborhood. He gets over excited and frustrated when he sees other dogs and will need help learning how to meet them appropriately on leash. He is also not a fan of cats. Winnie is not at the shelter. Please email jwakstein@baypathhumane.org to learn more about his many wonderful qualities. Check out his video by clicking on the move icon in the top right hand corner.
8 year 8 month old male mixed breed in foster
Don't let Fitz's age fool you, this middle aged charmer is looking for someone who enjoys the active side of life! We think Fitz would make an excellent regular hiking and walking partner because he loves getting out - whether down a neighborhood street or down a wooded trail, he's game! Fitz is house-trained and he does well loose in the house when he's on his own. Thanks to his foster family, he is also working on crate training and is learning to enjoy the delights of a crate as well! While he doesn't need to live with another dog, Fitz could possibly share his home with another good natured canine companion. We're finding he's showing a little too much interest in cats, so a cat free home is best for him. Because Fitz can be sensitive about his personal space being invaded in certain situations, we think Fitz would do best in a fairly quiet adult-only home that has had previous dog experience. Because of his reserved nature, a home without kids is a must. If you'd like to learn more about this handsome fella, please email foster@baypathhumane.org.
8 month old female domestic shorthair / mix in foster
Cumin is currently in a foster home, please email nbaltas@baypathhumane.org to find out more about her adoption process! Cumin is a sweet but very timid kitten. What she lacks in confidence, she'll make up for in affection once she gets to know and trust you! She will shy away from any new person initially, though she is super playful and loves her treats (hint hint...this is a way to win her over!) Once comfortable, she'll open up bit by bit, and it's so rewarding to watch her blossom with you. Eventually she'll allow you to pet her and will eat treats straight from your hand, so with the right amount of time and love, we know she'll continue to surprise. She will thrive in a home with adults who have another cat already who can show her the ropes and help her gain confidence. Please email nbaltas@baypathhumane.org for more information about meeting Cumin!
8 month old female domestic shorthair / mix in foster
Paprika is currently in a foster home, please email nbaltas@baypathhumane.org for more information about her adoption process! Like her sister Cumin, what Paprika lacks in confidence she will make up for in affection once she knows and forms a bond with you. She truly enjoys the company of her humans - she loves to be pet and will gladly sit in your lap for some loving once she's comfortable. Like any kitty, wave a wand toy to engage her and she'll play until she drops. She's never said no to a treat, either! She would do great in a home with adults and teenagers, and she also must go to a home with a cat companion to help her gain confidence. Since she is in foster, please email nbaltas@baypathhumane.org for more information about meeting Paprika!
5 year 1 month old female mixed breed in foster
Callie is a graceful, sweet soul who came to us after clearly having been through the wringer. Her skin was rough, patchy and calloused and she was underweight. Though she's a little nervous when she first meets you (and how could you blame her?) she warms up quickly and her precious personality shines through, especially if you have some yummy treats for her! Callie likes to chase balls but doesn't seem to quite understand 'fetch' since she isn't always good about bringing them back! Callie is lucky to be hanging out in a temporary foster home while we learn as much as we can about her, so please foster@baypathhumane.org for more information!
9 year 2 month old female mixed breed in foster
Sometimes you meet a dog that gives you an overwhelming sense of optimism - that from clear signs of adversity in life, there is hope! We think Princess is one of those special dogs, she even has a smirk on her face at all times! Despite a long road (years) of being in and out of the shelter system, Princess still possesses a remarkable sense of love, play, affection and joy. Her foster mom describes her as one of the most joyful dogs she’s ever met, a perfect houseguest, and a world class snuggler!! Need we say more? Even with all of this, there is one thing Princess has not been able to overcome – that is her significant fear of dogs. While we are committed to helping her gain confidence and have good experiences (through management and rewards based training), she will require a dog free home and living/exercising routine that is free of dogs approaching her. If you’d like to learn more about this exceptional senior, please contact us foster@baypathhumane.org!
1 year 9 month old male mixed in foster
Of course Ford caught your eye – he’s a devilishly handsome dog! But did you also know he won’t eat your favorite shoes, or shred the toilet paper roll, or chew on the coffee table? Or that you don’t have to be a marathon runner to please this guy? That’s right, he’s not just a pretty face, he’s a good roommate – he’s house-trained, generally quiet, loves to play and happy to watch the house when you go to work! He’ll even keep the couch warm for you for when you get back home, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind doing the dishes (just a heads up, dogs have a different way of doing the dishes)! In return for being one of the most polite houseguests and adoring friend we know, Ford has a few requests: he has his name for a reason, that boy has an engine under his hood. He would love regular exercise (including frequent long walks in the woods where he can use his nose) and a fairly quiet home and neighborhood. Ford can find “hustle and bustle” overwhelming, and at times unpleasant. He needs someone to be his advocate and help him meet new friends slowly – new people and dogs invading his space quickly is a “no thank you” for Ford. For these reasons, Ford is looking for an adult household (older teens ok) with previous dog experience. We look forward to hearing from you, please help make 2020 great for Ford! Ford is spending some time in a temporacy foster home, and our foster coordinator would love to talk to you more him! Feel free to email us at foster@baypathhumane.org to learn more about Ford.
1 year 5 month old male husky mix in foster
Do you have a playful dog with plenty of energy looking for a pal? Odin could be your boy! As long as you have no small animals or cats! This spirited guy is looking for home with a fenced in yard where he can goof around and do zoomies in! Daily long hikes, runs, walks are going to be necessary for him. He’s a bit of a “Goldilocks” and has been bounced around recently. Fortunately, this gave us a lot of insight into what home life will truly work best for him. Odin has boundless energy and needs an experienced dog family who is patient with giving him time to get accustomed to home life. Kindness and consistent positive reinforcement will bring out the best in him. Due to his exuberance, an adult home will be needed. (Husky experience is a must!) We adore Odin and are anxious to find him the right home where he can show off his super smart and silly personality! Like all young dogs, he will thrive with plenty of mental and physical exercise. He loves to go for long walks in the woods and hasn't met a Kong Wobbler toy that he didn't like. Odin desperately wants to be the star of your life, and has so much to offer. Odin is in a foster home so if you have any questions about him please email foster@baypathhumane.org!
11 year old male chihuahua/mix in foster
Meet Mickey! Who could resist this face! This pint-sized pup will make you smile whether he's greeting you with a joyful squeal, playing with his favorite toy, cuddling on the couch, or sitting in your lap. What he lacks in stature he makes up for in personality. He loves to go for walks, riding in the car, and just hanging out with his people. His foster says his house training is going really well. Mickey would probably do best in an adult home (or older respectful teens) since he hasn’t had any experience with children. While he lived with other small dogs his entire life and enjoyed being with them, he is possessive of his stuff and can be a bit of a bossy pants so he probably would do better as a solo dog. Mickey is not at the shelter. He is currently being spoiled in his foster home while patiently waiting for his forever home. If you would like to learn more about Mickey or arrange for a meet, please email Julie at jwakstein@baypathhumane.org
2 year 8 month old female domestic shorthair / mix in foster
Hey, you! Yes you! Are you looking for a playful companion kitty who can keep you on your toes? Keep reading about our sweet Gilly! Gilly is a young, playful, spunky cat. She's been through a lot of transition in her life so naturally it takes a little patience for her to trust you and your intentions. Once she knows you, you're in! She's thrilled to see you every time you enter the room! She'll twirl and spin around you to get your attention. Given the chance, she'll even hop right into to your lap to knead and purr away. It's just pesky, loud noise or sudden movements that make her nervous, so she's looking to relax in a quiet, adult home without any other pets. How could you blame her? She is just looking for someone to be her companion and let her live her best cat life at her own pace. If you think you could give our Gilly the wonderful forever home she's been waiting so patiently for, please email kfarrell@baypathhumane.org!
1 year 8 month old male mixed breed in foster
Sometimes you come across one those dogs who is a true gem under a rough coat, and without some diligence, consistency, and a caring foster home, it may be difficult to see the shining dog underneath. Fortunately for Chester, a foster home stepped up to help us learn a lot about Chester and how to help him enjoy life as a loved and settled family member. With the support of his foster family, Chester has made significant strides in learning about how to meet new people, learning to feel confident when left alone, and good manners in the home (including house-training). While this is a continuing journey for Chester, we can’t help but celebrate the amazing progress he’s made in the last several weeks! If you have a patient, dog experienced family, and you are looking for a notably affectionate and loyal dog, here’s a little more about Chester: He will need help adjusting to spending time on his own (we can help support your family and Chester with this process). He would do best with a securely fenced yard that isn’t accessible to many people and dogs passing by. As long as Chester has access to regular physical and mental exercise typical for a young adult dog, he will settle and be calm around the house. He is house-trained, but will likely need a little help with consistency in the beginning. Since he sometimes has issues sharing possessions, we are recommending a home with adults or older teens. If you’d like to help Chester live the good life and be the companion he truly loves to be, please inquire at foster@baypathhumane.org. We look forward to answering any questions you may have!
11 year 3 month old male mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Meet Spencer -- or Mr. Wiggle Butt as his foster family affectionately calls him! He's a social butterfly who's excited to greet new people as friends. This happy boy loves nothing better than to snuggle under the covers with his humans. Rub his super soft belly and he'll be your best pal! Fetch is Spencer's favorite pastime and he'll leap in the air to catch a ball or a toy. He enjoys going out on hikes in the woods, and then curling up on his bed afterwards with a nice stuffy toy. Spencer is a smart cookie is already knows how to sit and give paw, walks politely on a leash, is house trained, and is a dream in the car. His foster parents shared that he's a very good boy who loves to chill out on the sofa after a walk and is very good in the house and out. Spencer is looking for an adult home where he can be your one-and-only pet. Because Spencer has been bounced around a lot in his life, he does take time to acclimate to his new home, so he’ll need a patient, loving adopter who can spend some extra time with him in the early weeks when he’s transitioning to a new home to help him get comfortable. Our staff can provide many resources to help set you up for success. He just needs someone who understands that Spencer will be a delight to have in your home once he settles in. ** Spencer is hanging out in a temporary foster home, so please contact us at foster@baypathhumane.org for more info about this big love and his application process!
Helpful hint: Please bring copies of your vet records if you're considering adopting. This will help speed up your adoption process.
Note: Animals in foster are living in temporary foster homes and are available for adoption. Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org or 508-435-6938 to learn more about a dog or cat who's in foster. Thanks!