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2 year 11 month old female domestic shorthair / mix
Meet Lady! This beautiful girl is looking for her forever home. She has gorgeous green eyes and gray and white tiger stripes. Lady is a very friendly adult female who loves having someone to hang out with. She is the type of cat that wants to always be around you. She isn't a lap cat but does enjoy having her human just sit and hang out with her. Lady also enjoys playing with kitty toys and wand toys and likes to explore her surroundings. Lady is good with kids, and we think would do well with kids over 7. It is unknown how she would do with other pets, but will probably be ok with the proper socialization & time. She would also probably be fine as the only pet in the house, but should not be in a home where the owners are rarely home. Come meet her today.
3 month old female domestic shorthair / mix
Meet Lucille! Lucile has a wonderful personality. She is friendly, loveable, and is very gentle. She enjoys attention and should not be in a home where she will be alone all the time. Lucile is squirmy with snuggles, but will curl up and sleep on your lap for a nap. She is quite funny when she gets into her active play mood. She loves playing with mouse toys and wand toys. Lucile is a good eater, and is litter trained. Lucile does well with children and will likely do well with dogs and cats. Come meet her today!
3 month old female domestic shorthair / mix
Lulu has a wonderful personality. She is very friendly, loveable, and gentle (but does sometimes play a little rough when she gets too excited). Lulu enjoys attention and should not be in a home where she will be alone all the time. She enjoys snuggles, and will curl up on your lap to hang out with you, or to settle in for a nap. She is quite funny when she gets into his active play mood. Lulu loves playing with mouse toys and wand toys. She is a good eater, and is litter trained, and does well with children. She will likely do well with dogs and cats.
1 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
Maury is a huge sweetheart! He absolutely loves attention and is very friendly. He was so talkative upon arrival, we decided to name him Maury (like Povich!) All he wants is head scratches - he's a headbutter for sure. He seems good with other cats, and we think he may do well with children. Please come and meet him today!
1 year 4 month old male domestic shorthair / mix
Baloney is new to the shelter but seems like a sweet, sturdy cat who enjoys being petted. He has the roundest face! We are still learning as much as we can while he settles in, so please call or come down to meet him to find out more!
1 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
Rio is new to the shelter and nervous about his new surroundings, so we're still learning about him the best we can. He seems to warm up quickly once he feels comfortable because we've noticed he likes to be petted and will headbutt you! Rio is good with other cats but we're not too sure about other pets. Please call to find out more!
5 year 11 month old male hound / mix in foster
Otis is a big, beefy, handsome hound boy who was surrendered to us because his owner could no longer take care of him. Otis is a sweet guy who has a lovely hound voice that he likes to share with the world! Otis enjoys going for long walks in the woods so he can use his nose to get the news each day. Otis is new here so we are still learning about him. Come on by to meet him today!
1 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
True to his name - Wotsit is wondering, what's it doing here?! Wotsit is a sweet young cat waiting for his forever home! He has a playful, outgoing side and is sure to win you over with his charming personality. He is new to the shelter, so we are still learning about him. Please call or come visit us to see whether Wotsit could be the right fit for you!
6 month old female domestic shorthair / mix
Lionsgate is a beautiful girl who is looking for an adult-only home with another cat to help show her the ropes and build her confidence. She really thrives being around other cats. Once she feels comfortable, she does like to be pet and will headbutt you. We are still learning about her, so please come down to meet her in person!
6 month old male domestic shorthair / mix
Eeyore is a shy boy in need of a quiet, adult-only home with another cat to help show him the ropes and make him more confident. He loves food and treats, which has helped him open up while he's here. He doesn't mind being pet and will headbutt you. We do not think he would enjoy being around dogs. Please come meet him today!
1 year old female domestic shorthair / mix in foster
Meet Roxette! Shelter life is not for this girl, not that it should be for anyone. She's taking her time to warm up to her new surroundings in a foster home. If you pet her under the chin, she will love you forever, and tell you so with her loud purr. She's just looking for your patience! Though she'll need an adult-only home, Roxette is good with other cats. This sweet girl needs a forever home of her own that is willing to give her the time she needs to feel comfortable and adjust. Catnip and treats will surely help win her over. Please email adopt@baypathhumane.org to meet this beauty!
3 year old male domestic medium hair / mix in foster
Are you looking for a chill cat companion? Meet Luke! He loves to hang out and get all the pets you can give. He seems to get along with other cats. He does have the beginning of heart disease, but it doesn't seem to bother him at all! He just needs to be monitored and doesn't need any medication at this time. Regular echocardiograms will be key. If you think you can give this special guy the home he needs, please call for more info or come and meet him today!
7 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
Santa is one big, gorgeous boy! He is shy at first but quickly warms up. He loves to be petted behind the ears and lives for headbutts. Santa is used to living with a small dog and did well, which leads us to believe he may do okay in a house with another cat-saavy, smaller-sized dog, if any. He is not used to children and looking for a home with teens and adults only. He can be playful and likes some toys; his favorite are the noisy ones! Santa is actually a pro at fetch and will catch the ball to bring back to you. Other cats are okay for him too. Please come and meet him today!
1 year old female domestic shorthair / mix
Meet Keke! One glance into her golden eyes and she'll get to talking - friskiness is her forte. Because of this, she'll need a home with adults and older children above the age of 10, if any. She seems to be fine with other cats. She likes to reach up with softer paws to get your attention and can be quite playful, but her attitude can come out to play with her! Come meet her today!
9 month old female mixed breed, medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown) / mix
Patches is a sweet young dog who came to us from South Carolina. She is a sensibly sized dog with an adorable spot on her face and head! She needs to have an adult-only home with a dog-experienced family. Patches is playful, wiggly, shy, good with other dogs and appears to be house broken. She is still adjusting to her new surroundings as she is a bit timid. She will benefit greatly from basic obedience classes which will help her gain confidence Come meet this lovely dog today!
8 month old male mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Meet Dudley! Aren't his markings so beautiful? After a hectic past before coming to us from South Carolina, he is looking for a forever home to call his own for good. He is currently doing well in his foster home. He is great in the crate and sleeps through the night. He is quickly picking up on housetraining. He is also getting used to the cats in the home, though he does want to chase a bit. He has a foster dog sister who he likes to play with (little play sessions because they both come on strong). He is a very smart boy who knows sit, lie down and touch... and is ready to learn more! He loves all types of food puzzles too. He is relatively mellow and quiet in the house and likes to lie on the couch next to his foster mom while she works. Dudley does seem to be a bit fearful of new situations and people so we would recommend a home with adults or older teens. With the right intros, he is quick to get comfortable and warms right up. This is a dog who would greatly benefit from positive reinforcement training and, as such, we will sponsor a training package for this great boy. For more information, please email Liz at shelter@baypathhumane.org for more information.
13 year 1 month old female poodle, miniature / mix in foster
Cassie is a friendly senior who is looking for a quiet household to live out her golden years. She is low energy but enjoys getting out and going on several walks a day. According to her foster, she is super inquisitive and loves her food. She is still working on some house training issues, but we're sure with a patient home with someone around frequently she'll get it mastered in no time. Since she enjoys spending her days lounging and napping, we think she would do best in a home with older kids that don't disturb her. To learn more about her, please call the shelter or email adopt@baypathhumane.org!
10 year 1 month old male plott hound / mix in foster
Waylon is a sweet old southern boy. He may have some miles under his belt but he's been known to keep up with dogs a third of his age! Age is definitely just a number when it comes to Waylon. He's even been known to croon to Kenny Chesney songs when the mood strikes. He is such a polite boy who would love to accompany you on a hike and then chill out on the sofa! He is crate trained and seems to be fully house trained. He's a big fan of soft toys and likes to cuddle up with them. Waylon would not do well in a home with cats. Come meet this gentleman today!
1 year 7 month old female mixed breed, medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Bella is a sweet and fun dog. She loves to play with her toys and is very cuddly with people she is comfortable with. She is learning leash manners and has recently discovered a love for the water! She is smart and knows several commands. Bella would do best in a quiet environment with adults or older kids and as the only dog. She is very social but may bark at unfamiliar people and/or dogs and can take time to warm up to some men. Bella is not at the shelter. If you'd like to explore whether you and Bella are a good match please email: jlorusso@baypathhumane.org
11 year 1 month old female mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
***Hope Update*** If you have been visiting our website, you know that Hope has been looking for the right home for a while now. We have a few important updates we'd like to share about this extremely likable senior lady! We've been fortunate that a part-time foster home has stepped up for Hope! Furthermore, with the help of a local trainer/behavior consultant and medication to help alleviate Hope's anxiety, this foster has started Hope on a plan to help her become more comfortable with being on her own. While, there is much work to be done, things are off to a great start! This is wonderful news, as everyone who spends time with Hope agrees that she is a truly fantastic canine companion when she has what she needs for success! We are thrilled to be able to continue this training support to a family that will be able to help Hope continue to make progress. There are a few things that Hope needs to succeed: she needs to be the only animal (although we think she'd give the "thumbs up" to some fish!), she needs an adult household (teens ok) that is able to follow through on a plan that will help alleviate the stress she feels when left alone (which means that she can't be left alone at first, we are unable to predict how quickly or slowly this will go), and she can be a bit excitable on a leash around squirrels, so you need to be able to comfortably handle a 60 lb dog that can pull on occasion (the fosters are also working with her on this). What you will get in return: a loving, chill, loyal companion (it's true, she isn't a "clingy" dog around the house), and the satisfaction of giving a senior dog a second chance in life that was likely dumped. If you're as excited as we are about finding this seriously sweet lady a comfy home to call her own, and you think you might have the right place for her, please email us at adopt@baypathhumane.org.
10 year old male mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Meet Spencer -- or Mr. Wiggle Butt as his foster family affectionately calls him! He's a social butterfly who's excited to greet new people as friends. This happy boy loves nothing better than to snuggle under the covers with his humans. Rub his super soft belly and he'll be your best pal! Fetch is Spencer's favorite pastime and he'll leap in the air to catch a ball or a toy. He enjoys going out on hikes in the woods, and then curling up on his bed afterwards with a nice stuffy toy. Spencer is a smart cookie is already knows how to sit and give paw, walks politely on a leash, is house trained, and is a dream in the car. His foster parents shared that he's a very good boy who loves to chill out on the sofa after a walk and is very good in the house and out. Spencer is looking for an adult home where he can be your one-and-only pet. Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org for more info about this big love!
11 month old female mixed breed, medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Buffy is a sweet, shy dog who is young and energetic. Her foster mom says "She is the easiest puppy! She likes being pet, but she isn't pushy about it. She hasn't chewed anything that isn't a dog toy. She likes sleeping in her crate at night. She is just learning to chase a ball, and she is so cute when she pounces and tries to catch it. She also gets excited when squirrels and birds come in sight, and she bounces up trying to follow them." Buffy gets along well with other dogs and likes to play. She would do best in a home with adults only and will benefit from training. Since Buffy is so nervous, she is looking for a home with a dog companion to help her feel more comfortable. If you want to learn more about Buffy please email adopt@baypathhumane.org.
5 year 3 month old male hound / mix in foster
My name is Cambridge, but my friends call me Blue Ridge. My foster dad says it's because of my spots and my cute hound ears. I like my foster family and my coonhound friend Brenda, but I'd really love a home of my own. I'm always up for walking, running, and swimming. I get along well with other dogs and am happy to say hi to every person and dog that I meet. If you're hitting the road, I'll happily cruise along for hours. I'm a true hound, so I hope you'll find my baying cute! Like most hounds, my nose rules my body. I will run when let off leash, so if you can't catch me you better keep me hooked up. I do enjoy my food and I need some help keeping a healthy weight. Once I get my exercise, I will happily lay next to you on the couch and use you as a pillow. When I adjust my position I groan like an old man (even though I'm not one!) Walks are sooo fun I sometimes break into a trot to check things out, so you might need to remind me to slow down (with a little treat, hint hint) I'd love to have a home with a fenced in yard with some active humans who love adventure just like me! Just no young children for me, I'm looking for a home with adults, and kids 13+. I'm living in a temporary foster home until I find my forever home. Please contact adopt@baypathhumane.org to learn more about me!
5 year 4 month old male mixed breed, small (under 24 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Levi came to us from KY, where he had lived with his elderly owner. Unfortunately, his owner passed away so now Levi is looking for a new home. An adventurer at heart, Levi loves to be outside and go for walks. He's very interested in sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors. That said, he is very low key in the house. His foster mom shared that "Levi is a sweet little companion. He was a bit anxious when he first came here because of the new surroundings. After a few hours he began to relax and make himself at home. He's now totally at home and loves to follow me around the house and when I sit down he sits down too, either at my feet or next to me on the couch. He doesn't need to be crated, though he does like a crate to retreat to for naps sometimes. He'll be a terrific companion for someone with a quiet home and no other pets. He's very easy to care for. He's just looking for someone to love him." Levi is on a medication daily for his heart disease and will likely need regular echocardiograms for the rest of his life. He gets very excited when he sees other animals, so needs to be the only animal in his household without any young kids. To learn more about whether you and this cutie are a good match, please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org!
11 year 6 month old female mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Gretta is a super friendly girl who is sure to win your heart! She loves to be by your side, going out for a long walk or chilling out on the couch. She's happiest riding in the car, soaking up the sun in the yard, or finding a cozy spot in the house to hang out. Her foster mom says Gretta has a special way with people. "My kids say Gretta has human's eyes. Her eyes tell you stories of her life, she has been there done that, she has seen a lot yet she still opens to love. Gretta is super playful and likes squeaky toys and rope toys. She's a sweet older girl but you'd never know it from all the pep in her step. She has lots of energy! This polite girl is house trained, wonderful in the house, and knows several commands (stop, no, wait, sit, down, stay). She'll do best in a home free of cats and dogs since she gets a little too excited when she sees them. Gretta is currently in a foster home, so please email adopt@baypathhumane.org to find out more about this delightful girl!
1 year 9 month old male domestic shorthair / mix
Lawrence is a special boy! He is looking for an adopter with patience in order to give him the time he needs to warm up to his new environment. He is looking for a quiet, cat-experienced home with no other pets or children. He is a shy cat but trust us, he'll warm up with time, especially if you have yummy treats. The love you can experience after getting a shy cat to open up is so remarkable. Please come meet him today!
6 year 2 month old female mixed breed, medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Lulu is a sweet, sensibly sized girl who is used to living a quiet lifestyle. She enjoys playing with squeaky toys, taking walks, and being around her human pals. Lulu is a smart girl and knows sit, stay, come, and give paw. She is also house trained. Lulu can be a little shy around new people and would benefit from a patient, caring home to help her feel more at ease. Lulu is new to the shelter and is currently in a foster home so that she can enjoy some home comforts. Please email adopt@baypathhumane.org to see if Lulu is the right match for you!
3 year 4 month old female german shepherd / retriever, labrador in foster
Do you prefer a tight circle of friends to a crowd? So does Kena. Those special people within Kena's circle know her as a fun, playful, affectionate girl. Once you win her heart, she's the sweetest girl. She'll lean into you for a good long pet or put her head on your lap while you're curled up on the couch. She is apprehensive of strangers in the home, so will be happiest in a peaceful home without a lot of visitors. Kena is a delight to be around. She's happy riding in the car, frolicking in the water, playing with soft toys, just hanging out, and is pretty great on a leash. She enjoys playing with other dogs but would probably prefer to be the only dog in the home. She is super smart and incredibly food motivated which makes her a joy to train. She has already mastered many commands. An adult only home would be best for Kena with no other animals in the home. To learn more about whether you and Kena might be a good fit please email jwakstein@baypathhumane.org Check out her video by clicking on the movie camera icon on the top right corner of her picture.
Helpful hint: Please bring copies of your vet records if you're considering adopting. This will help speed up your adoption process.
Note: Animals in foster are living in temporary foster homes and are available for adoption. Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org or 508-435-6938 to learn more about a dog or cat who's in foster. Thanks!