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We have so many hopes and dreams for the animals in our care, and love hearing updates about them. Here are just a few recent happy tails.

Adoption success stories

A Baypath volunteer found Razzles wandering around outdoors, and he was incredibly frightened of people. Fortunately, one of our dedicated foster volunteers took him under her wing and helped socialize him. He then came to the shelter, and our staff and volunteers helped set him up in a space where he could slowly become comfortable being around people.

We're very happy to share that we found him a wonderful home soon afterwards. Now named Milo, this little cutie loves to be pet and snuggled. His new family reports that he adores playing with toys and his new cat sister and dog brother. He's become quite the social butterfly!

Miss Piggy was well loved, but her original owner could no longer care for her, and surrendered her to Baypath. She arrived here at the shelter and we provided medical care and began looking for a home for her. Although she had been an affectionate cat in her first home, she was understandably scared by the change in her surroundings. Read about her path to a new home.


adopted dogsMax was sad and anxious in the shelter, until he met his pal Henry, a lovable hound who quickly became Max's playmate and walking buddy. When Claudia and Jen came to meet Max and consider adopting him, they decided there was no way they were leaving his best buddy behind, so they welcomed both boys home that day! Max and Henry are having a blast. They like to visit mom's office, go on hikes, and get lots of cuddles.


adopted dog BatesBates came to us from an overcrowded shelter. He was nervous and timid when he first arrived, but began warming up bit by bit. Happily, he was soon adopted by a terrific couple who gave him the room to let him adjust to home life in his own time. We were thrilled to hear that Bates and his family are now having a great time together! His new parents told us "he really comes alive out on his walks…He is showing more personality and joy, especially when the food bowl is heading his way!"

bonded cats adopted togetherFrodo & Arwen were found outside as kittens, and Frodo had a wound on his neck that caused nerve damage. After they recovered from their ordeal, we set out to find them a new home. This brother and sister duo were very bonded, and we began looking for a home where they could live together. Fortunately, a lovely couple met them and immediately fell in love. They adopted them, and welcomed them into their family. The kitties are doing great, and also get along fabulously with the other cats in the family.

adopted dogsElsa was bought at auction by a man looking to use her for hunting. When he discovered she was too timid to hunt, he gave her to a shelter in Kentucky. Fortunately, she was brought to Baypath to have a better chance at finding a good home. After a short time in a foster home where she got acclimated with things like walking on a leash, she was ready to be adopted & soon found a wonderful home. She now has a fabulous family & a beagle sister to play with!

adopted cat AphroditeAphrodite is a beautiful girl who was abandoned at our doorstep, and needed extensive medical care. Despite her ordeal, she was incredibly sweet and purred nonstop. After her recovery, our girl found an amazing new mom. She loves this gorgeous kitty, and even takes her out on a harness and leash to let her get fresh air!


Rocky dog adoptedRocky arrived at Baypath a rambunctious boy who didn't know how to walk on a leash. He also had a condition that caused him to drag his paws. This made it tough for him to walk at the shelter. To help alleviate this, staff took him on field trips so he could walk on soft surfaces, and got booties to protect his paws. After socialization, training & consultation from our surgical specialist partner, Rocky was ready to be adopted. A wonderful family met him & fell in love. He now lives with adoring pet parents, plus two little furry pug siblings!

foster kitten Liam adoptedLiam was found by the side of the road at just five weeks old. This tiny but scrappy kitty arrived at Baypath with a host of stomach issues. Happily, our pal Cynthia agreed to foster him. This was no easy task. Kittens who are that small need lots of attention, including regular feeding every few hours to ensure that they get the proper nutrients. Through her love, care, and dedication, he was able to get through many bumps in the road to recovery. Little Liam is now all grown up & doing great. Even better, Cynthia had fallen in love with him and decided to give him his forever home.

bonded pair of dogs Candy & LJ adoptedLittle Joe & Candy were a pair of young border collies who arrived together from Louisiana. They were uncertain in new situations, and fearful of things like leashes and cars. Our staff & volunteers worked with them to become comfortable in their new environment, and worked on finding a home for them together. Fortunately, a kind young couple soon came to us looking for two dogs to welcome into their family. They met Little Joe & Candy and the rest is history! Now named George and Gracie, this adorable duo are doing great!

siamese cat Mac Daddy adoptedMac Daddy is a gorgeous big siamese cat but he was being overlooked because he was FIV positive. Our goal was to educate potential adopters that cats like Mac Daddy can actually enjoy a long, wonderful life and can even live among other cats. Happily, someone special came along who recognized what an amazing cat he was, and he's now enjoying the good life in his new home.

hound dog Polly adoptedPolly is a sweet senior hound. Due to poor nutrition in her early life, her legs didn't grow properly and were bowed. She had a tough time adapting to shelter life. Fortunately, one of our foster families brought her home, giving her a safe, comfortable place to live until we found her the perfect home. When Polly's new mom went to meet her, it was love at first sight for both of them. She's now happy in a fantastic new home!


Share your story! We'd love to hear how your Baypath alumni are doing. Please drop us a line, along with a picture of your pet basking in all the well-deserved attention!