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Forty years ago, there was little hope for stray animals in Hopkinton and the MetroWest community. Animal Control was tasked with dealing with all animal-related incidents, and there was no place to give an animal a second chance. After a five-day hold, dogs would be sold to research facilities.

A small group of Hopkinton residents banded together to make a change. They formed the Hopkinton Humane Society to ensure that all these animals would get a chance to find a forever home. They took animals into their homes and barns. Eventually, they were able to procure a construction trailer to house the cats. The dogs where housed at a separate location across town. 

In 1987, the Hopkinton Humane Society was able to work with the town of Hopkinton and Board of Selectman to secure a lease on property. Volunteers, donors, and local businesses came together to make the construction of our current building possible. After 10 years, the organization's humane network was finally under one roof...and had running water!

This new shelter enabled the group to expand. They were able to hire their first manager, develop their board and committees, grow their donor base, and develop wonderful fundraising activities. They continued to engage the community through adoption, volunteerism, and outreach and saw the demand for their services grow.

Over time, the organization recognized that they were not only serving Hopkinton, but also the greater community. As such, they endeavored to change their name to reflect this evolution. In 1990, Hopkinton Humane Society become Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton.  

To this day, we continue to serve Hopkinton and the larger community. We also serve animal rescue partners in other states - and even Jamaica! We take in, care for, and place over 1,100 animals each year with the help of a dedicated staff and a robust network of volunteers, fosters, supporters, and community members. With your help, we can do even more!

To learn a little more about our history, view our 40th brochure.


In honor of the 40 years of amazing adopters, donors, volunteers, staff, and animals who have found their forever home, we introduce to you the 1977 Society. This is an exclusive opportunity for all of you to show your support of our organization’s work in the community. To become a member of the 1977 Society, please make a donation before October 31, 2017.