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Wednesday September 6, 2017


40mph to couch potato: Meet Arnold the greyhound!

This mellow boy is intelligent, gentle, and has oodles of personality once he has opened up to you. Despite Arnold's impressive athletic ability (oh boy he can run!!), Arnold is also a great home dog, content to curl up on his bed, snoozing away the hours and dreaming of his forever home. Arnold loves exploring new places and is a gentleman to take out. Typically Arnold will curl up in the back seat on a car journey, saving some energy for when he is out hiking.

Arnold walks brilliantly on a loose leash, never pulling even if you change pace. Arnold loves to sit and take in those breathtaking views, enjoying some time to relax with his human friends. Arnold is also a fantastic running dog, keeping a consistent pace on trail runs. Arnold is house trained and has mastered some basic commands. He walks to heel, is target trained, and obeys simple commands (stay, come, sit, down), and is doing well with recall training.

Arnold is an intelligent boy and particularly likes food-based puzzle toys. He enjoys training and would love to continue this in his forever home. Arnold will truly give you his heart, sidling in for cuddles on the sofa as you relax in the evening. Arnold loves a good ear scratch- you know you've got the right spot when he turns and gives you a big grin! Despite Arnold's warm nature towards other dogs he meets on walks, we think that he would be best as the only pet in his forever home. As Arnold is a little shy initially he would benefit from a home with older, quieter children.

He's currently living in a temporary foster home until he finds his forever home. Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org to learn more about this special boy!

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