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Euthanasia policy

Animal welfare organizations are often times classified as “kill” or “no kill” shelters, but as times have changed these labels can often be misleading and confusing. At Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton we discourage the use of the term “no kill” and instead state that we are committed to the preservation of life. This means we do not euthanize due to space constraints or based on a time limit for adoptable animals.

Euthanasia is performed when it is the only alternative to end an animal's suffering due to terminal illness, severe injury, mental deterioration, or when the animal poses a safety concern for other animals or humans. Indefinite confinement or warehousing of animals is also not an acceptable alternative.

Euthanasia is never considered unless all reasonable medical alternatives or behavioral modifications have been exhausted. Baypath Humane Society is proud to partner with veterinarians, certified animal behaviorists, and surgical specialists to make this very important decision for our animals.