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3 month old female lhasa apso in foster
Meet Belle! This sweet special needs puppy is ready for her forever home. She is blind, but she doesn't let that get in her way. She is easy going and loves to take naps. She is good with other dog-friendly dogs. She is in a foster home, so please call for more info or email us at adopt@baypathhumane.org.
7 year 9 month old female retriever, labrador / mix in foster
Jenny is a sweet older gal who is looking for a home because her family got a divorce. Jenny would do best as an only dog and with an active owner. She is housebroken and crate trained. Jenny is still very much a young pup at heart. Jenny knows some commands but has never gotten over jumping on people when she greets them. Jenny can be vocal when it comes to large vehicles drive by but she can be distracted with treats. Her favorite environment is the woods so she can spend her time smelling lots of things and hiking about. She actually would love to be a trail running friend for someone. Jenny is in a foster home right now so please email Cornelia or Liz for more information about him at cgodfrey@baypathhumane.org or at efay@baypathhumane.org.
1 year old female mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Courtesy Post - She is at Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue Well! It's not going to throw itself! Please throw it! Preferably 100 more times! I love to play fetch, especially into the water! I think I could be one of those ‘Dock Dogs' and do it in competitions! Boy would that be fun... Anyway, enough about swimming and fetch, I think you get that picture! I am a fun girl to be around, but I have such a big brain too! I am one smart cookie and would love learning new things! I am from Texas and am excited to start my new life here in New England! I enjoy playing with other dogs and have quite a few friends here! So living with another dog sibling would be great if we are a good match for each other! I think that would be fun! Although I have quite a bit of energy because I am young, I could also be a professional snuggler. So keep that in mind when you're sitting on the couch watching the Patriots without a dog to snuggle with! I'm right here and ready for my forever home! I think I would be a great running buddy, and also would be great in a home with lots of toys! I love to play with squeakies and rope toys! Big family or lots of visitors? That's great! I love meeting new people, especially when they give me food! I walk pretty nicely on a leash too...unless I see a squirrel. Those things are fair game! I do have a heart condition that I am on meds for, so as long as I stay on my meds, then we can still do all the normal things you humans like to do with us dogs! Crazy people! I would love for anyone to come meet me! Please email the Adoption Coordinator at adoption@ygrr.org if interested!
1 year old female mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Courtesy Post - She is at Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue I would love to get to know you! Do you have a lap? Hands? Good! That's all I need because those are my favorite things; a lap to sit on and hands to scratch my back. Prepare yourself though! I like to LEAN! Yes, lean on you like the Leaning Tower of Chloe! So when you come to meet me, be ready for a leaner! I too hail from the great state of Texas! Yankee brought me up here with two other canine buddies to help the rescue in Texas make more room for more hurricane dogs. I like other respectful dogs that enjoy playing! I especially like to lie on my back and kick at them with my paws! That's the best (laziest) type of playing there is! I think some dogs are confused by my play style, but I just like to call it unique and lots of dogs seem to enjoy it once they get the concept! Please email the Adoption Coordinator at adoption@ygrr.org if interested!
9 year 2 month old male chihuahua, short coat / mix in foster
This little senior guy came to us from South Carolina. Buddy is a typical chihuahua in that he is not very interested in walking much, he is a bit of a grumpy pants with people who he doesn't know, and wants to be a lap dog. Buddy is overweight which is affecting his knees so his new owner will need to work on helping him lose weight. Buddy will do best in a quiet adult only home. He's in a foster home right now, so please call for more info or email us at adopt@baypathhumane.org.
5 month old female mixed breed, medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Kourtney is an adorable young dog who is a very shy girl. She came to us from Jamaica so she is not sure what to make of this new world she is in. Kourtney is going to need a quiet home with patient family members who can help her come out of her shell. She seems to like other dogs so living with another outgoing dog might be good for her. Kourtney is in a foster home so if you are interested in learning more about Kourtney please call the shelter at 508-435-6938 or email adopt@baypathhumane.org.
5 year 9 month old female coonhound, bluetick / mix in foster
How many dogs do you know who could successfully live in a sedan with two other large dogs, two small dogs, and a cat and remain sweet? Winnie is that dog! Despite all she's been through, she's a loving girl who is happiest when she's by your side. She has fun going on long walks and if you tell her you're going out in the car, she'll happily leap right in to join you. She'll do best in a home with someone who's around a lot. She also likes other dogs but is understandably protective of her own food after all she's been through so she'll do best in a home as the solo dog in a home with teens or adults. Winnie is currently in a temporary foster home, where she's learning lots of new things like sit, down, stay, off, walk, and come. Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org to learn more about this wonderful girl!
2 year 6 month old female mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Do you prefer a tight circle of friends to a crowd? So does Kena. Those special people within Kena's circle know her as a fun, playful, affectionate girl. Once you win her heart, she's the sweetest girl. She'll lean into you for a good long pet or put her head on your lap while you're curled up on the couch. She is apprehensive of strangers in the home, so will be happiest in a peaceful home without a lot of visitors. Kena is a delight to be around. She's happy riding in the car, frolicking in the water, playing with soft toys, just hanging out, and is pretty great on a leash. She enjoys playing with other dogs but would probably prefer to be the only dog in the home. She is super smart and incredibly food motivated which makes her a joy to train. She has already mastered many commands. To learn more about whether you and Kena might be a good fit please email jwakstein@baypathhumane.org Check out her video by clicking on the movie camera icon on the top right corner of her picture.
Helpful hint: Please bring copies of your vet records if you're considering adopting. This will help speed up your adoption process.
Note: Animals in foster are living in temporary foster homes and are available for adoption. Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org or 508-435-6938 to learn more about a dog or cat who's in foster. Thanks!