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1 year 5 month old female akita / mix
Mabel is a beautiful dog who found herself wandering the streets of Hopkinton by no choice of her own! She is still trying to figure out her new environment but has become more social as she gets to know all of us. Mabel is an energetic dog who is going to need an active owner. Mabel will do best in a home with older teenagers or adults only. Please come meet her today!
1 year old female mixed breed, medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown) / mix
Pammy is an adorable wiggly girl who is looking for friendship in every one she meets. Pammy is affectionate and playful. She seems to get along well with dogs she meets. She is still learning how to walk well on a leash but is a quick learner. Come meet this love today!
1 year 11 month old female mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Courtesy Post Confused about how to say my name? It's pronounced "Ray," like a ray of sunshine! Let's get right down to the most important stuff about me. I LOVE TO PLAY FETCH! And you will never meet a dog that can swim as well as me either! Swimming and fetching are like MY THINGS! I'm an active and smart girl so get ready to take me for lots of walks and play all sorts of games. I bet I would do great in agility classes, nose work, or anything that involves using my brain! Ya know, most dogs don't like using their brain. It is a pretty difficult task! I, on the other hand, am up for the challenge! I have nice manners with other dogs, but I'm not much of a player so I might be able to have a mellow doggie sibling or I could just be an only dog. Either is fine with me. I've lived with a cat when I was in a foster home way down in Texas and my foster mom says I was interested and liked to sniff him, but I wasn't too over-bearing. I met a cat here too and did pretty good. Like with my foster, I was interested in sniffing, but that's about it. You know what's the best? TENNIS BALLS and FETCH! Oh, and SWIMMING! I think I said that once before already? Maybe. But anyway, I do have a soft side you know. The side that likes to curl up on the couch and cuddle. The side that likes to lay down on a nice dog bed and chew on a tennis ball. Do you like to curl up on the couch a cuddle? What human doesn't? Are you ready for some autumn fun with a ‘Reigh' of sunshine in your life? I am being cross-posted for Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue in Hudson, MA! If you are interested in me, PLEASE send the Adoption Coordinator an email today at adoption@ygrr.org! Or you can call them at (978) 568-9738! They would love to help me find my forever home!
3 year 1 month old female mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Britt is an absolutely beautiful girl who isn't quite ready to for all the attention her looks bring. When she first meets new people, she is extremely shy, but once she gets to know you and trust you she is incredibly affectionate! This lucky girl has been in a wonderful foster home for several months, and her foster mother says she loves other dogs and is completely house and crate trained. She loves to go for long walks in the woods and is perfect on leash, but is more timid on road walks. She was reluctant to go for car rides at first but now she jumps right in (probably because she knows it usually means a hike!). She would prefer to live in a home with respectful kids 13 or older. Her are some notes from her foster: -She is very gentle. She loves soft toys and my son's socks (only his though, which is kind of funny). She really excels when out walking and it seems to boost her confidence. We have started to go on field trips (Petco, Lowe's,). -The difference in her today from 2 months ago is really great. Again she is still really shy but now she has a pronounced bounce in her step and her tail is usually wagging. She will even sometimes "almost" greet me at the door when I get home and often jumps on the bed to get some belly rubs and face kisses. -A good home would just have to understand it is going to take time for her to trust them. Another confident dog would be helpful (maybe not imperative though). And of course she will need someone that loves to walk. -I'm not sure how she would be with cats, but I have chickens and she completely ignores them. If you want to learn more about Britt, please call the shelter or send us an email at adopt@baypathhumane.org!
5 year 11 month old male coonhound, black and tan / mix
An adventurous boy, Duke loves to go for long walks in the woods. Used to a quiet suburban setting, Duke is most comfortable in a serene environment. Duke enjoys the company of other dogs, but no cats please. Duke is a wonderful snuggle bug at heart. He was dearly loved in his previous home that he shared with two adults. Duke now looks forward to making new memories with an active couple who enjoy the outdoors as much as he does. Visit him today!
14 year old female mixed breed, small (under 24 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Meet Annabelle! This senior is the definition of sweet. She lost an eye at some point, but she thinks it just adds to her charm. She enjoys going on short walks, and she loves her food. She seems to get along with other small dogs. She previously lived with four cats and another dog. She likes to make sure you don't forget about her and can be a little demanding for attention. She is hanging out in a foster home, so please call for more info or email us at adopt@baypathhumane.org
4 year old female mixed breed, small (under 24 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Meet May! This little lady is ready for her forever home. She can be a little scared of new people so she's living in a foster home temporarily to help her out. Her foster mom adores her and told us that "May likes to curl up in a tiny ball and sleep with me, no matter where I am. She is just learning how to trust people but once she gets to know you, she will come up and give you little kisses all over your face." May gets along well with other dogs. In her foster home, she follows the dog "pack" and enjoys going out with them for walks. Since she's such a petite girl she'll probably do best in a home with smaller dogs or gentle older dogs. She also is fine with cats. We recommend a home with either older teenagers or just adults since she is nervous. To learn more about May, please call the shelter or email us at adopt@baypathhumane.org.
5 year old male mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Arnold is a perfect mix of activity and chill. He loves exploring new places and going on long hikes but is also perfectly content doing smaller, leisurely walks. He's also happy to have a snooze in the park if you'd like a more relaxed afternoon outside. He's a total gentleman to take out on a leash. He never pulls, and is happy to walk at a slow amble or a quicker pace, depending on your mood! He loves sniffing around on wooded hikes. His foster mom has also taken him jogging and said he's the perfect pace dog! Arnold is a little shy at first but to know you is to love you. Once he gets comfortable, He'll sidle up to you for a good ear scratch!! His foster mom says: "He's a gem of a dog! kind, mellow, affectionate but also content to spend time in his own company. He's great in the car and will sometimes curl up and go to sleep on the ride." Arnold will do best in a quiet home with older teenage children/adults only since he doesn't seem comfortable around loud noises or fast movements. He's pretty laid back when he sees dogs on his walks, but would prefer to be your one-and-only pet. This gentle soul is sure to fill your home with love! To learn more about Arnold, please email us at adopt@baypathhumane.org.
4 year 1 month old female mixed breed, medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Diamond is a cute young girl who knows what she loves most in the world - food! When she goes on walks, she looks back in hopes of receiving a treat. She also loves to have her back scratched! She would do best in a home with kids 13 or older. She has ongoing allergies, and will need a home that can provide veterinary prescribed food. In her foster home Diamond has lived with a dog savvy cat. Please email adopt@baypathhumane.org or call for more info about her as she occasionally visits the shelter.
5 year 7 month old female coonhound, bluetick / mix in foster
How many dogs do you know who could successfully live in a sedan with two other large dogs, two small dogs, and a cat and remain sweet? Winnie is that dog! Despite all she's been through, she's a loving girl who is happiest when she's by your side. She has fun going on long walks and if you tell her you're going out in the car, she'll happily leap right in to join you. She'll do best in a home with someone who's around a lot. She also likes other dogs but is understandably protective of her own food after all she's been through so she'll do best in a home as the solo dog in a home with teens or adults. Winnie is currently in a temporary foster home, where she's learning lots of new things like sit, down, stay, off, walk, and come. Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org to learn more about this wonderful girl!
2 year 4 month old female mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Meet our girl Kena. She is not a fan of strangers, but to know you is to love you. Unfortunately for Kena, the world can be a scary place. She needs someone who truly understands that and is willing to keep her world small, give her structure, and help her find appropriate ways to manage her fear toward strangers. While Kena has some profound issues with strangers, she also has quite a lot to offer. She is fun, playful, affectionate and ready to please. She is super smart and incredibly food motivated which makes her a joy to train. She has already mastered many commands and seems to have decent manners. Kena enjoys riding in the car, frolicking in the water, playing with soft toys, just hanging out, and is pretty great on a leash. She seems to like other dogs and might enjoy having a dog companion. Kena will not be the right dog for a lot of people, but could you be the right people for her? Maybe you like your world small too? To learn more about whether you and Kena might be a good fit please email jwakstein@baypathhumane.org Check out her video by clicking on the movie camera icon on the top right corner of her picture.
6 year 3 month old male mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix
Looking for a furry friend to binge watch Netflix with or to head out on the open road with you? Keanu is the ultimate bud to hang with! He likes to go for walks and to meet new people and also loves to curl right up to you on the couch - especially if give him some belly rubs. This big hunky dog is 80 pounds of love! This super affectionate boy is ready to greet new people with big tail wags. In fact, when he met our photographer he spent most of the time trying to curl up on her lap for cuddles. Keanu is a playful boy who will entertain himself with squeaky toys. He loves to fetch tennis balls. This boy aims to please and already knows all his basic cues (sit, stay, etc) and likes to learn new things. He's anxious to find a new home so please call us about Keanu or stop by the shelter today to meet him!
Helpful hint: Please bring copies of your vet records if you're considering adopting. This will help speed up your adoption process.
Note: Animals in foster are living in temporary foster homes and are available for adoption. Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org or 508-435-6938 to learn more about a dog or cat who's in foster. Thanks!