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7 month old male mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix
Buddy is an energetic guy who is going to benefit from some basic obedience training. Buddy loves to go for walks and to play with other dogs. Buddy is crate trained. He would do best in a home with children 10 and up. Come meet him today!
2 year 5 month old female mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix
Sugar is a beautiful dog whose pictures do not do her justice. Sugar is a big girl who is going to need an active home. Sugar needs to be in an adult only home. Please come meet her today!
5 year 11 month old male mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix
Rocky is one beefcake of a dog! He came to us from KY and is a sweetheart. Rocky is a big boy and sometimes doesn't know his own size. Rocky will definitely do well with some basic obedience. He would do best in a home with kids 7 years old and over. Come meet this guy today!
8 month old male mixed breed, medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown) / mix
Look at the ears on this adorable guy! This young dog is energetic and smart! Bandit is going to need an active home and a family who is going to take him to obedience classes. Bandit seems to like other dogs but he likes to play rough with them. Come meet this sweetheart!
1 year 11 month old male mixed breed, small (under 24 lbs fully grown) / mix
Meet B.B.! This little guy was found as a stray in Boston before coming to our shelter. He is a social young guy that likes to hang around the staff. He can be a tad nervous so a home with kids at least 10 years old would be ideal. He also does not seem to be the biggest fan of other dogs so he would do best as the only dog in the household. He hasn't been at the shelter long so we are still learning about this young guy, come in and meet him today!
4 year 11 month old female chihuahua, long coat / mix
Meet Lacey! Lacey and her friends Thumbelina and Little Bit were surrendered to a local animal control because the owner had too many chihuahuas. Lacey can be a little nervous at first, but warms up quickly. She would do best in a home with kids 13 or older. She is new to leash walking and is still working on house training. Please call for more info or come and meet her today!
7 year 1 month old male mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Ralph was found as a local stray and in very bad shape. With the help of a caring foster family he is now at a healthy weight and much happier. Ralph loves to hang out on the couch to watch tv with his foster family. Ralph is not a high energy guy but does enjoy a nice walk a couple times a day. He's a playful boy who likes to bring you his toys. He has some skin issues that will require some medication on a regular basis. Please call the shelter to find out more about this handsome boy!!!
7 month old female mixed breed, medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Six-month-old Mindy is an adorable low rider who is simply irresistible! Mindy is a little shy at first so she will need time to warm up to new people and environments, but once she gets to know you she's an absolute cuddle bug! She's living in a foster home until she finds her forever home. Her foster mom says "Miss Mindy is happy to be in a real home. A little on the shy side, she is relaxing by leaps and bounds and ready for her own forever home. She's the perfect size, great personality, and is becoming super snuggly! Every day that passes she is gaining confidence! This pup is really special!" Mindy needs a home with a fenced yard, as she needs help learning to walk on a leash. Like most young dogs, Mindy will benefit from training. She's a little darling who just needs someone who with the kindness and patience to help her be her very best. Call Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton today at 508-435-6938 or email us at adopt@baypathhumane.org to learn more about this little cutie!
2 year old male mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix
Sammie is a happy, wiggly boy who loves people. His favorite thing is to go out exploring with a special person, whether it's on the trails or splashing in the lake. He'd love to jump in the car and hit the road with you, wherever you're headed! He does need extra help on manners. He is a young, exuberant boy who needs a kind, patient, experienced owner and plenty of positive reinforcement. We're happy to cover the cost of a positive reinforcement training session with a Baypath-approved trainer, and to provide additional support to help set him up for success in your home. He's a high-energy boy and is happiest when he gets plenty of exercise, so he'll do best in an active home. Sammie is also super playful, and has never met a squeaky toy he didn't like! He's good with other dogs, although he can be a little overwhelming for some. This adventurous boy isn't a fan of being crated and has a knack for escaping them. Sammie cannot go to a home with a cat since he is a little too interested in them. We know Sammie isn't the right dog for everyone, but he's a gem who just needs someone special to give him the time, training, love, and attention to be a wonderful companion. We promise he's worth it!!! He needs to go to a home with adults only.
5 year 1 month old female hound / mix in foster
From Brenda's foster family: Hi, my name is Brenda. I am a 5 year old hound mix, but I still have lots of energy. I am very kind and gentle. I love both dogs and people. I am super friendly and have a great personality. Humans are always commenting on how beautiful I am. I love to run, but I love it so much that I can't be let off my leash at on open dog park. I've had a few accidents in the house, but I am trying to correct that behavior. I'm learning to give my people the right signals when I need to go out. I'm a super fast learner. - I improve with my obedience every day. I've learned to sit, and am working on "stay" and "come." I'm even comfortable hanging out in my crate while you're away. My hobbies include: eating, chewing on my toys, greeting everyone that I meet, eating, sniffing, getting to know other dogs, eating. I need a home that will commit to correcting my accidents, has the time to get me plenty of exercise, and that loves really happy, sweet dogs with super soft ears. She is currently in a foster home, so please call for more info or email us at adopt@baypathhumane.org!
1 year 8 month old female mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Meet Lilly! This sweet girl can be a little shy at first, but loves to run around when she's comfortable. She is very affectionate. Lilly has a few dog walking buddies here at the shelter but would do best as the only dog in a home. She cannot live with cats or other small creatures. She is in a foster home, so please call for more info or email us at adopt@baypathhumane.org!
5 year 11 month old male mixed breed, large (over 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Keanu is the ultimate bud to hang with! This big hunky dog is ready for his forever home. He's 80 pounds of love! This super affectionate boy is ready to greet new people with big tail wags. He LOVES tennis balls. He aims to please and already knows all his basic cues (sit, stay, etc). He likes to go for walks and to meet new people and also loves to curl right up to you on the couch. He's ok with some dogs, he just comes on a little strong for some. Keanu isn't good with cats. Due to his size, we recommend a home with older children. This handsome guy some have some ear and skin issues but they're managed with medication and a special dog food. This special guy has been knocked around a bit by life, and needs a stable, loving home. He's in a foster home, so please call 508-435-6938 or email us at adopt@baypathhumane.org to learn more about Keanu today!
10 year 2 month old male mixed breed, small (under 24 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Romeo is an adorable, super affectionate Italian greyhound mix who urgently needs a new home. This little guy wants nothing more than to be around his people and to give you lots of love. Once he gets to know you, he'll be your best pal. When you walk in the door, you'll be greeted by a happy, wiggly little guy who's so glad to see you! Romeo is great in the car. He has good potty habits and lets his foster mom know he needs to go do his business by going to the door. This handsome little chap just needs the right home. He is fearful of larger dogs though so needs to either be in a home as a solo pet or with small, female dogs. He's a senior boy (believed to be around 10) who has wonderful energy. He is on medications for a heart murmur, heart disease, and low thyroid. He takes his meds like a champ though and then goes about his day. He's blind in one eye, but it doesn't slow him down one bit. He likes to go out for walks and then to curl up with you on the sofa. He needs an adult only home. He can be a little fearful of men at first, but he just needs patience (and some yummy treats!) to come around. Romeo is currently in a foster home, so please call for more info or email adopt@baypathhumane.org for more info.
2 year 2 month old male hound / mix in foster
Moses is a handsome hound mix who'll make a fantastic hiking buddy. He's good on a leash, and will be a great pal to go exploring with. He'll follow his nose like a typical hound! He's also a gentleman in the car. He's good with dogs his own size, but shouldn't live with cats or small dogs. We think he'll do best in a home with a fenced yard so he can run around & get out some zoomy energy. He's also ideally love to live with someone who's home a lot. He's a wonderful dog who just needs a special person who'll take the time to help him learn a few basic skills. He needs a bit of patience at first, but we're sure that in the right home, this boy will truly thrive and be a joyful addition to the family. Please stop by and meet Moses today!
1 year 6 month old male mixed breed, medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
You'd be hard pressed to find a more appreciative and affectionate dog than Frito! This sensible sized dog has much joy in his heart. He loves to play fetch, run around with his squeaky toys and frolic in the snow. He's super smart too. He's already mastered quite a few commands and is ready to learn more. And with a little work he'll make a great off leash dog when you want to hit the trails. He's very well behaved in the car but still learning to jump in on his own. Frito was found as a scared stray. He does not trust people that he doesn't know. He will need a family that understands how to help him build up his confidence. In the right home and with some effort we believe this pup will be a sweet, loving, playful family member! What type of home do we think he'd do best in? Adults only, familiarity with an underconfident dog, active family but a quiet household, another playful dog would be great, but no thanks to smaller critters (cats, etc.). We think Frito is one special dog and we hope you will too! Frito is currently not at the shelter. If you would like to learn more about him please call the shelter and ask for Jeanine or email her at Baypathjeanine@gmail.com
1 year old female mixed breed, medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown) / mix in foster
Renee is a puppy at heart. She likes to do zoomies in the yard and to play chase or tug of war with her dog pals in her foster home. She's in her element outdoors, and is happiest when she's hiking in the woods and getting to sniff and explore. She revels in getting her paws dirty, whether she's digging in the ground and then laying in a nice cool spot or checking out the yard for frogs. She also likes to splash around in the water, and has the cutest habit of blowing bubbles in the water! Renee is a naturally curious girl, who enjoys people-watching from afar. If you give her the time and space to get to know you, she quickly warms up and is happy to chill out with you. Once she knows you, she'll seek out attention, leaning into you for a good bum scratch. She's most comfortable in the company of other dogs, and should definitely live in a home with dogs. (No cats for her, she's a bit of a chaser.) Renee lived as a stray when she was a puppy. Most puppies have been exposed to lots of good experiences when they're young and built positive associations with them. Since Renee didn't have the benefit of that exposure, she can be hesitant with new situations and new people and can take some time to become comfortable. This simply means she needs the right lifestyle and someone who'll give her the consistency and confidence she needs to enjoy life to its fullest. Renee will do best in a quiet home without a lot of hustle and bustle, and with a fenced yard (gotta have room for those zoomies!) We've been fortunate to have the opportunity for Renee to live in a foster home with Kim, one of our trainers. Learning new things has helped build Renee's confidence, and she has blossomed in Kim's care. As you can see in her video, Renee is a smart girl who's quick to learn new things-especially if there are hot dogs involved as a reward! Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org to learn more about Renee!
1 year 4 month old male hound / mix
Meet Carrington! Before you get taken in by his devilishly cute looks and wiggly, enthusiastic demeanor, there are a few things to know about him... Carrington needs to be in an adult only, pet free home with significant previous dog experience, without exception. He'll need a home that is excited and dedicated to giving him regular exercise and positive reinforcement training he needs to be a happy dog. In the right home, Carrington will be a playful, social butterfly with family and strangers alike! He loves car rides and is also house trained! We are so committed to finding a successful home for this sweet lug, that he comes with a free training session with one of our approved trainers! Please call or visit the shelter to inquire about Carrington!
Helpful hint: Please bring copies of your vet records if you're considering adopting. This will help speed up your adoption process.
Note: Animals in foster are living in temporary foster homes and are available for adoption. Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org or 508-435-6938 to learn more about a dog or cat who's in foster. Thanks!